Thanks Amazon Delivery Drivers

2021.09.23 22:11 TeeDoubleU1206 Thanks Amazon Delivery Drivers

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2021.09.23 22:11 silkysandini 2500, 4 door, 8ft box, diesel. Ram, Chevy, GMC, or Ford. What brand should I buy?

Currently have a 2010 Ram 2500 Reg Cab with a Cummins. My family is getting bigger so we need to get a 4 door. I need the 2500 and eight foot bed because I do construction and tow a dual axle dump trailer. Diesel because I prefer it. Looking for suggestions and direction. I find all the brands listed attractive aesthetically. This question is more about, value, performance, and price. I am not brand loyal. I am in Pennsylvania. Looking to spend 65K. Thank you to all you gear head geniuses.
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2021.09.23 22:11 dlwlrma_UAENA EUW - lf people to level up an account with (tryhard for mmr)

I am tired of smurf accounts since they have such bad team luck, and meeting so many other troll smurfs in smurf ranked queue has driven me mad. Im a d4 peak mid main. (but I have won games against masters and d2/d1 tier players)
If you want to tryhard and have good mmr for normals 2.4k so that you can get s2 in your first placement, lets go. and we can basically just play to level up our accounts
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2021.09.23 22:11 susanfermac Saint-Paul - Nous livrons le fer à béton à Saint-Paul. Importation Fer a beton pour Saint-Paul Réunion #Saint-Paul #Réunion

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2021.09.23 22:11 g4m3f33d Cuddly Pink Paint Bottle Locations in 'Fortnite' Season 8 - Newsweek

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2021.09.23 22:11 Throwaway018191 Need some advice on a messy relationship.

This one is a bit unique and I would love to somehow make this a short post, but please just bear with me. I (24m) have been seeing my boyfriend (27m) for almost three years now. We met on an app and eventually moved in together in a house that he bought and half of our finances are combined. Well It’s definitely been a rough ride since about halfway through our relationship. I have to preface this with saying that I am someone who is fairly sexually liberal and I enjoy the idea of hooking up with friends and would prefer an open relationship, while he is very secular with sex and would prefer that it stays between me and him. I’ll come out and own up to the fact that I fucked up, I cheated on him and sent nudes to other guys for a really long time, and knew what I was doing was wrong. Still to this day I beat myself in the head thinking about it and it hurts enough for me and I can’t imagine how it’s been for him when he found out. He looked through my phone while I was in the shower and found out everything. He was understandably angry, and I wanted to do everything in my power to make it up to him and keep the relationship that we have. Him invading my privacy was the least of my concerns at the time. But ever since then he has had this obsession with me being on my phone. He’s gone through it multiple times since then and is automatically suspicious to the smallest amount of innocent interaction with another man. It got to the point where I was no longer comfortable using my phone around him because he would constantly ask “What are you doing?” “Who are you texting?” “Who is that?” “Why are you taking a selfie?” “Who are you sending that to?” “Why are you posting random things on social media so much?” And still to this day I am not comfortable to be on my phone around him because all it does is make me anxious that he will immediately question me. I have been doing my upmost best to be as transparent as possible with him and telling him who people are and what is going on in my daily life, but I feel like his trust is just never coming back to me. I know I hurt him and that alone should have been the end on his call, but the fact that he has tried to make it work really gave me hope. Are we doomed, is there a clear path to continue our relationship, or am I simply getting what I deserve and I have no right to complain?
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2021.09.23 22:11 The_GM_Rides_Again I wanted to tweak the character classes, so I directly edited my copy of the rulebook. Here are the results.

TL;DR: I tweaked the classes to suit my personal tastes, my campaign setting, and my players' objectives. Thoughts/suggestions are welcome; if I don't like what you have to say, I won't get butthurt, I just won't use it!
So, initially I just hated the Thief class' naming conventions (more on that below), and had to fix it. But then I saw the skill revisions from lievresauteur. While his ideas on bringing the skills more more in line with 5e were very well-thought-out, and made the game exceptionally accessible to 5e players, I felt that his revisions went a bit too far, mostly "undoing" FTD's changes that, as far as I can tell, were implemented for the purpose of encouraging a less mechanical, and"roleplay-y" style of play. I also tweaked the skill distribution across the classes to make them more suitable for the campaign setting I'm using, and to bring some or the archetypes more in line with how, in my brain, such archetypes "should be."
As stated above, comments are welcome; I'm not married to anything here, and much of this is still a WIP that will doubtless be tweaked again with more playtesting, and negotiation with my players. I want to help them build the character they want to play, while keeping it appropriate for the OSR world we're adventuring in.
Thief Rogue I changed this class the most. For starters, I swapped the names "Thief" and "Rogue," because the naming convention here made absolutely no sense, aside from preserving tradition. In short: all thieves are rogues, but not all rogues are thieves. I am not quite done with the Bard; the game strips magical properaties away from non-caster classes, but the Bard still has many magical properties. Not sure what to do about that, but fortunately nobody at my table is interested in playing a Bard at this time,
Warrior The changes are mostly self-explanatory, and are largely to enhance flavor; Barbarians are "uncivilized" people with likely nomadic origins, Fighters are professional soldiers, Rangers are Rangers. I wanted to give Rangers a stronger flavor, and a reason to concentrate on archery, but I'm mildly concerned that turning every bow they use into a non-magical +1 weapon is a bit overpowered; this is an OSR game, after all. We'll see, I guess.
Zealot Again: most of this is self-explanatory. Note that the base Zealot class can only use light armor now (although, I see I forgot to change their starting equipment to reflect this). This was partly to keep Druids and Clerics in line with classic tropes. However, I also feel that Paladins need help being a distinct class. So, I changed the weapon and armor abilities, and tried to make them more...Paladin-like. But, at the end of the day, they're still priest-types who put on armor; they're not intended outshine dedicated martial classes in combat. For this reason, I'm a little worried that the "Smite" feature (which I just sorta pulled out of thin air) might be overpowered. Also: to further this delineation, note that a level one Zealot does not get a proficiency bonus to spellcasting checks right out of the gate. But, again: all of this is negotiable with my players.
Mage The original rules indicate that all level one mages get a proficiency bonus to spellcasting, period. However, the rules also mention specific proficiencies for the archetypes. Neither of these things made sense to me. To reconcile all of this, I've eliminated the blanket proficiency bonus for level one arcane casters. We know that casting spells is dangerous by its very nature (the FTD developers made this clear), but it would be extra dangerous for the neophyte because it is a tricky thing, and it takes some experience doing it before you get the knack. Eliminating the initial bonus also helps distinguish the subclasses from one another. Sorcerers and Warlocks now get a proficiency bonus only when using certain types of magic, as suggested by the original rules. But Wizards, being the classic, studious, all-around magic user, now get a bonus to basically everything magic. But I didn't feel that alone was enough flavor. Sorcerers are "supposed" to be prodigal, natural talents, right? Reflecting that, they now have the option to be less likely to have a mishap. I'm considering importing other 5e Sorcerer features too, dialing the power down to fit in with the rest of the world. Warlocks have made the proverbial "deal with the devil," so I wanted their abilities to align with that concept a bit more; it seems the FTD developers imagined them being ominous, intimidating, and "dark." In addition, I gave them the negotiation skill to reflect "rules lawyering" contracts with their infernal patrons. Lastly, it was my intention to give Warlocks the option for an "infernal familiar," but I just forgot to add that to the image. Oops.
Anyway, there you go. Opinions and butts, and all of that. The developers of FTD have, in my opinion, done a fantastic job at attaining their stated goal. But having digested their work, I had some ideas how to further that goal, as reflected above, so I implemented them. The End.
Thanks everybody.
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2021.09.23 22:11 BeeRod94 We like to have a little fun at work

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2021.09.23 22:11 PKepic When you see a wild glizzy

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2021.09.23 22:11 Curious1Eastcoast After work snap…

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2021.09.23 22:11 Prince-Luchini Psychic Tarot Readings Available - 10 Years of Experience - Love Readings - Spiritual Readings - Specific Questions

I am available to do some readings for a few people today if your interested. I have over ten years of experience using the Tarot and I am very good at dispensing useful insights through divination. I can help with Love and Relationships, Career, School, Future Outcomes, and of course specific questions and circumstances. I am exchanging readings for donations via PayPal or CashApp ($15 is requested donation amount generally).
If you are interested in having a reading done please message me to get started. I can do live readings also but generally I do readings through email with follow up clarifications if needed.

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2021.09.23 22:11 Specific-Service-845 فوائد الرمان

فوائد الرمان فوائد الرمان
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2021.09.23 22:11 Haroldkumar1149 There was a mass shooting at a Kroger near Memphis, and someone posted a pic on fb of the shooter on the roof. A lady comments, “why would you post this? This guy has a family!” yeah, so do the victims….

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2021.09.23 22:11 g4m3f33d Ad of the Day: Balenciaga's 3D Fortnite billboard wows London, New York, Tokyo & Seoul - The Drum

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2021.09.23 22:11 S3npaiH3ntai ⚠️⚠️📊 Daily Exchange Update: 09/23/21 - Darkpool Volume: 23.92M // Percent: 60.98% 📊⚠️⚠️

⚠️⚠️📊 Daily Exchange Update: 09/23/21 - Darkpool Volume: 23.92M // Percent: 60.98% 📊⚠️⚠️ submitted by S3npaiH3ntai to amcstock [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 22:11 diethium Omg

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2021.09.23 22:11 cityboy2 Honest question: Is SDC still worth a play or is it a "scam" now?

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2021.09.23 22:11 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-jean-paul-sartre-5

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2021.09.23 22:11 ClickForFreeRobux UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was in Wilmington on Tuesday.

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2021.09.23 22:11 Katsuuu100 L3: Size factor of -1 is large cap tilt or small cap tilt?

In Equity reading 25 example 7, it says a size tilt of -1 is towards small cap stocks.
However, in the Port Mgmt readings, I had in my notes that -1 is a tilt towards large cap stocks.
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2021.09.23 22:11 Electrical_Math_4402 Hire me for online classes, assignments, exams, tests, quizzes. Reach out for statistics, calculus, descrete maths, computer science, chemistry, physics, economics. Give me a benefit of doubt and I will return the favor, topgrades results and quality work guaranteed

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2021.09.23 22:11 Puddlesock [jsheios] Siblings

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2021.09.23 22:11 doppefeatte2x NFTTech - an NFT Marketplace with the world's first liquidity matching engine just had its Mainnet go live. Users can sign up, create a storefront, deposit NFT’s from their portfolio or mint new ones.

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2021.09.23 22:11 cmenedes Streaming the building of a game while avoiding copyright issues

Hi Thomas & community,
Two of my friends and I plan to stream the next game we're going to build (a metroidvania like hollow knight, super metroid, ori, etc). We're finishing up a game now on stream that we haven't planned to monetize so we haven't had to worry about anyone taking our ideas. What aspects of a game are considered protected intellectual property? The code? The story? The art? Any advice on avoiding copyright issues while streaming the development of the game? Thanks in advance for any insight, check out our Twitch channel while you're at it!
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2021.09.23 22:11 Lilroach11 Character moved from online to offline

Has anyone had this happen to them? I haven't advanced far into the game only to level 10 but where I had created my character online it moved it to offline. As far as i know now I can never play that character online right? So Ill have to restart?
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