want to show you how I feel. Are you ready to find out just what I’m talking about?

2021.09.23 22:52 tnavajoshe want to show you how I feel. Are you ready to find out just what I’m talking about?

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2021.09.23 22:52 GHOST1359 W: Aristocrat's 50/25 fixer or AA 50/25 Vats fixer H: JE laser rifle and JE gatling plasma, J 25/25 and J 50/25 Fixers and more

Lvl 50 AFFR 1+ P combat rifle
AAE RW 10mm pistol lvl 45
Lvl 45 AAE handmade
AA SS RW Death claw Gauntlet lvl 50
AAFFR FMSWA Light machine gun lvl 50
AAE +A lvl 50 pipe rifle
AAE +P lvl 45 handmade
AAE CF 15% lvl 45 pump shotgun
BFFR RW lvl 50 10mm smg
BFFR 25%VC lvl 50 hunting rifle
EE +50DR lvl 50 combat rifle
EE +P Lvl 50 hunting rifle
Gourmand's 25FFR RW lvl 50 combat rifle
AFFR +250DR 50 cal lvl 45
FE +P lvl 50 .38 pipe pistol
FE +P lvl 50 gatling gun
FFR RW radium rifle lvl 50
FE CF%15 .44 magnum lvl 45
FFR +A lvl 50 tesla rifle
ISS 1+S lvl 50 combat knife
ISS RW lvl 50 deathclaw Gauntlet
IFFR 25%VC lvl 45 lever action
J25 25%VC lvl 45 minigun
JFFR +250DR lvl 50 combat shotgun
J 50/25 Vats lvl 45 10mm pistol
J25/25 Lvl 45 10mm pistol
JFFR +P lvlv 45 minigun
JE +250DR lvl 50 .38 pipe pistol
J 50/25 Vats lvl 50 bow
JE+ 50DR Lvl 50 railway rifle
JE lvl 50 gatling plasma
JFFR +50DR lvl 50 combat rifle
J 50/25 Vats lvl. 50 combat rifle
JFFR RW lvl 50 combat rifle
JFFR lvl 45 lever action
J 50/15 Vats lvl 45 lever action
J 50/25 Vats lvl 45 lever action
J 50/25 lvl 50 pipe pistol. 38
JFF FR lvl 50 tesla rifle
JFFR RW lvl 45 Ultracite gatling laser
JE lvl 50 laser
J2525 lvl 50 fixer
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2021.09.23 22:52 KodyTeleVision Your keys have travelled farther than your car.

Let me explain. Your keys go everywhere your car does, but when you leave your car you usually take them with you. That means that your keys have in fact travelled farther than your car.
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2021.09.23 22:52 BurtonDesque The airburst from a large meteor destroyed Jericho and Tall el-Hammam (Sodom?) around 1650 BCE

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2021.09.23 22:52 thedogefather8 We have new orders

Hunt down any war criminals you know about or may have come across in the war. This is not just reconnaissance but termination as well. Make sure they directly violated subreddit rules before you engage. By any means necessary get them either banned or make them wish they never interacted with The winning side. Good luck and good hunting.
Commander out
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2021.09.23 22:52 bigboybitt Compatibility with thrustmaster and fanatec

Trying to make my sim rig a lot better and I have a Tx wheel base with T-lcm pedals and want a handbrake. Was wondering if I could use the fanatec handbrake with this stuff I have now because thrustmasters handbrake is way to overpriced
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2021.09.23 22:52 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 22:52 Gdjjsid Is there a way to play unlimited free roam?

I’m pretty early on in the story, I just broke Micah out of jail (😞), and still have o driscolls and etc, do I have to finish the whole story before I can play free roam properly? not a fan of online because other people shoot me when I try be friendly
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2021.09.23 22:52 IvanovichMX Is Peril by Bob Woodward gonna have a Spanish edition?

I can understand English, my father not. Sadly, I haven't found anything about a Spanish edition of the book (and for what I've seen, not a lot of Woodward books get translated, I've only found Fear, Rage, Plan of Attack and All The President's Men).
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2021.09.23 22:52 Yoshi_053 Mastery skin 3D preview

Hey I was just wondering if there is a way to get a 3D preview of the mastery skins of the characters because I know you can get a preview of the normal skins in the logbook. I can't find a way to do it but I would love to know if there is a way.
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2021.09.23 22:52 hello--friend Where is the save files of Kirby - The Complete Collection?

basically the title
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2021.09.23 22:52 Nihilus45 It's true

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2021.09.23 22:52 TheHunBandit Meanwhile in Hungary at a Burger shop

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2021.09.23 22:52 sammipanda2017 Probably already been discussed but..

Family tree?
Bandit and chilli- married and have bluey and bingo
Uncle stripe (bandits brother) and I don’t remember the name of muffins mum name- married with muffin and socks
Uncle rad- single? Or is he with the babysitter?
Does chilli have family? I know she has a dad…
Nanna and pop- married and had the three boys bandit, rad and stripe…
Anyone I missed?
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2021.09.23 22:52 nomadicLettuce2 put the fake internet points in the bag

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2021.09.23 22:52 Fabricatorandfiends New Apothecary War Gear!!!

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2021.09.23 22:52 durararacelty Turry - YOUR YANDERE GF INVITES YOU TO THE YANDERE CONVENTION [F4M]

My Fill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwhfiFjVhpU
Original Script: https://www.reddit.com/ASMRScriptHaven/comments/pn70lj/f4m_your_yandere_gf_invites_you_to_the_yandere/
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2021.09.23 22:52 m4rtin- is Filemaker ( -> Low Level Code ) the new hot shit?

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2021.09.23 22:52 zaraib97 Tickets for Dallas

Is anyone selling Giveon tickets for Dallas on the 10th? Please lmk, the resale price is $170 now😭
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2021.09.23 22:52 sOnSon7 RUMBLING IN FORTNITE??!!!😲😳

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2021.09.23 22:52 macula_transfer Cat is weird about drinking water

When I got my cat a year ago I had some challenges getting him to drink water. I tried a chrome water bowl and one of my own bowls, and he preferred to move the bowl around or dip his paw in it and splash it rather than drink. I also tried one of those kitty fountains, which he approached in a similar way... he's splash around it sometimes, but mostly would just try to tip it over, which he wasn't then strong enough to do.
I eventually read online that cats who eat 100% wet food (like mine) get sufficient water from the moisture in the food, and I stopped worrying about it, and he's been healthy.
That said, I would like to find a way to get him drinking water like a normal cat, because it would make it easier to occasionally give him dry food, and I still have a back-of-mind worry he might get dehydrated.
Have any of you had kitties like this? What did you find helped get them to drink their water instead of using it as a plaything?
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2021.09.23 22:52 No-Contribution-1398 German Ludwig

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2021.09.23 22:52 Someonerndm1 Anybody got any experience on something called humans?

(Engrish warning, I suck at english, this is filled with mistakes). So I'm in highschool. I've made a bunch of friends, in particullar me and other 3 people are pretty close. It's me, my bestfriend, my crush and her bestfriend. We've known eachother for about a year and my crush has been acting kinda strange. As any normal redditor I don't know anything about socialising and about how people normally act, so I thought that maybe someone here might be smarter then me. So what do I find wierd in her behaviour? She hugs me, grabs my arms or my hand and talks to me way too nicely. But on the other hand not only does she do that with her bestfriend (not to my bestfriend or to other people tho) but she sometimes she tries to not talk to me. Example: yesterday she and her bestfriend were supposed to go shopping, then her bestfriend invited me (my bestfriend was busy) and she didn't come; and things like this happened a lot of times. Am I being dumb? Is this how normal people act?
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2021.09.23 22:52 Ifakuifakall When someone shows you who they are...

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2021.09.23 22:52 kobony Original Art Acrylic Painting,269W x 119H x 8D cm,Heiner BoergerAbstractAbstract. Action Painting,Heli-art,Abstract Green,Heinerboerger,Timeflight

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