Timberborn Designs Ep 2 - Two Warehouse Designs Variations - [ENG]

2021.09.23 23:13 DerHouy Timberborn Designs Ep 2 - Two Warehouse Designs Variations - [ENG]

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2021.09.23 23:13 hkesteloo DJI Mavic 3 Cine Premium Combo comes with nice extras

DJI Mavic 3 Cine Premium Combo comes with nice extras DJI will now launch a new combo for aerial cinematographers, called the DJI Mavic 3 Cine Premium Combo. It comes with a range of extra goodies and will be offered next to the DJI Mavic 3, and the DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo. #drone #djidrones u/djiglobal https://dronexl.co/2021/09/23/mavic-3-cine-premium-combo

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2021.09.23 23:13 Key-Maize-7419 Asian Skincare

Honestly my skin loves asian Skincare products. Klairs is my holy grail skincare brand. I am very interested in trying some Asian sunscreens but am not sure where to start. Does anyone have any good recommendations for me?
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2021.09.23 23:13 thatboipurple So happy just to walk.

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2021.09.23 23:13 TheSouthernGentlman I think my friend had a stroke

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2021.09.23 23:13 snakeydrake Figured we could use some escapism. I created a playlist filled with hypnogogic, soft ambient music. Perfect for forest walks, long drives, and universal contemplation. [Ambient/Electronc]

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2021.09.23 23:13 taltay_313 Resources to learn Matillion

Hi all,
I am an intern in one of the companies in the US for 8 months. I am graduating in Fall 2021.
I had built a couple of data pipelines in SSIS, pandas, used some Luigi during my internship.
I am learning pyspark, advanced SQL like window functions, cte, etc. for a job interview. I want to join as an entry-level data engineer.
I checked my company's internal career page; they are asking for Matillion and AWS platform using Lamda.

Please can anyone suggest to me good resources to learn Matillion?
Is Apache Airflow an alternative to Matillion?
I wanted to become a data scientist but, during my internship, I got in love with DE. I have a Master's degree in Information Science and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics
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2021.09.23 23:13 Miner142 What loophole have you been exploiting for years before someone found out?

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2021.09.23 23:13 Lightning_Zo If this gets 100 upvotes, I'll make one with Biffle

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2021.09.23 23:13 blueridgefox Couple of ne'er do wells

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2021.09.23 23:13 u2katrina REMINDER: Free access to LinkedIn Learning for all UTD students/staff/faculty

Just a reminder for everyone - UTD Library provides free access to LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com) content to all current UTD students, staff, and faculty. This online learning platform offers thousands of high-quality educational videos for learners studying business, software, technology, and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.
Access LinkedIn Learning
LinkedIn Learning FAQ
Courses and Learning Paths
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2021.09.23 23:13 IWantToBeAPanda Sabre Loadout Suggestions Please!

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2021.09.23 23:13 ZorPrime33 Only certain keyboards work

Any reason why keyboards are hit and miss in Parsec?
I'm parsec'd into my host computer with the same info as the host and one cheap generic USB keyboard works while a RF wireless Logitech doesn't (the mouse does tho.)
So to not steal the cheap generic USB keyboard from its owner I just ran out to Best Buy and got a USB Corsair keyboard thinking it would work 'cause USB like the generic one.
The new Corsair USB keyboard (K55) doesn't work either with Parsec.
I am using a Nvidia Shield, BTW, and all the devices work within it.
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2021.09.23 23:13 Heil-Sithis H:150 super stims W: nothing

Just come and take them, if you wanna give me something that’s cool, but I just want them gone
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2021.09.23 23:13 88648432 「スポンサー企業が使いたくない芸能人」40人全リスト…「採算取れない」大坂なおみ、「行動伴わない」伊勢谷友介

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2021.09.23 23:13 matheewee Bonding between rats

So, with Atticus gone, I'm concerned about Linguine. He never bonded closely with the 4 younger rats in the same cage, and I'm worried he'll end up being lonely despite there being 4 others. Is there a way for me to help/promote bonding between them? It's only been a day, but I'd like to help them bond closer right away. I also have 4 babies I'm starting to work in with the older boys, so there's the possibility that Linguine will bond well with one of them, but he wasn't interested in the other 4 when they were babies so I'm not sure.
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2021.09.23 23:13 kelseymademe White people really make no sense

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2021.09.23 23:13 cashfunk0917 Hot Start TBM 900

Is the Hot Start TBM 900 worth it?
View Poll
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2021.09.23 23:13 natemiddleman What happens to Chris' vision of D2R is a failure.

Besides the server issues, the biggest thing sticking out to me from reading reviews and reddit posts is that it is a very safe remaster sticking very closely to the base game but also that it feels old. What if D2R is just a flash in the pan with no staying power. Alot of Chris' recent interviews has him referencing the base game. If it becomes objectively clear that D2 is a bad game by 2021 standards, do you think there will be a shift at GGG?
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2021.09.23 23:13 Munchausen0 Searching for a Headset for both PC and iPad Air 4..

Greetings all. I just bought a ipad Air 4 (it really supper rocks) and I am mainly a PC gamer.
Been wanting to replace my old ASUS gaming headset (gave to my roommates kid for school at home) and now with the iPad Air4 was thinking about getting finding a gaming headset to my PC AND also use for my iPad Air 4 so I can game on my PC and listen to music/movies etc on iPad Air 4.
I know I can get a USB-C to 3.5mm jack (for about $10 ish) but since my main PC and iPad Air 4 use bluetooth, I might as well see if there is a BUDGET ($150ish or less) Bluetooth that works on both PC and iPad Air 4 (removable mic would be awesome and over the ears).
I have looked on the web and so far nothing seems to fit what I am looking for (it is either wireless or 3.5mm but not a bluetooth) plus I have even searched here on reddit. So if anyone here has looked or has a gaming headset that does both please point me in the right direction.
Thank you in advance for those who can shine a light on this :)
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2021.09.23 23:13 Denominator98 Honda CRV Cabin Filter Plate Missing

To preface, I don't know much about cars.
I took my 2015 Honda CRV to get an oil chance today, and they said the cabin filter plate was missing and that I should contact the location that previously did my oil change to demand a refund. At this previous location, they did take out the filter to show it to me and then put it back in.
My question: How big of an issue is this? Is it expensive to replace? How hard should I push this previous place that did my oil?
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2021.09.23 23:13 ShortAlgo $ANGO Waiting for a buy signal on ANGO with ultraalgo.com

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2021.09.23 23:13 Puzzleheaded_Cap8823 Planets - game project announcement

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2021.09.23 23:13 Phreakxsh Car brake is stuck, can't start car

Car Model is : 2018 Toyota CHR
Haven't used my car in the past week, so the battery needs to be jumped. No worries, I have a set of jumper cables in the trunk and a friend coming in, in an hour to help me jump it. I tried to start the car (hold brake down and press start engine button) 2-3 times to make sure (because I'm a complete idiot when it comes to cars).
I leave for class and when I come back 2 hours later to make sure I can pop the hood and access the battery, the brake won't go down and is stuck. How am I supposed to jump start the car if the brake won't go down? Is it supposed to unlock after the battery is jumped?
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2021.09.23 23:13 Intrepid_Teach_7030 Emancipated teens of Reddit, How did you guys do it? Can you help get the paperwork required?

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