My bingo card

2021.09.23 23:03 DaRealBLip My bingo card

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2021.09.23 23:03 Zewen_Senpai "Spring Fire" Symphony - Arnold Bax

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2021.09.23 23:03 Gamingirlsam Kirbkey raffle is now Online ! (find the link in the comments)

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2021.09.23 23:03 shivashanti Cash out refi ... Seems like a no brainer. Any way this don't make sense?

Have a handful of houses. One of them is at 30y4.75% and I'm currently pre-approved to refinance at 2.8%
Payment drops $570 would save around $34k over 5 years with lower payment.
Cash out refi would put around $135k in my hand. Payment stays where it is. I'd leverage that into another rental property right away. Seems like (as long as the cash out is reinvested) it's no brainer. What am i missing?
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2021.09.23 23:03 sltinker "Thoughts become things; choose the good ones." -from the app, tut Notes from the Universe

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2021.09.23 23:03 CozyWithSomeCoffee [WP] "That's definitely her. The woman I dreamt of marrying last night.. She actually exists and she has come to work in my office.." "That's really him, the man I dreamt of marrying last night.. He actually exists and he works in my new office..."

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2021.09.23 23:03 SansomeStreetHo Just witnessed a guy snort a blunt and cough his lungs up.

Top 10 Reasons I love RTD
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2021.09.23 23:03 XEpicBaller25X So uhh my scooter snapped in half on the way home from school just now and OWWW!! ;-;

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2021.09.23 23:03 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 23:03 _zStef KF3 Problem

Hey guys,I have changed my phone and I've lost KF3 Data,I tried to log in but i forgot the password, do you know how to reset it? (I have KF3 on my pc
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2021.09.23 23:03 Severe_Potential4636 wfl: me nfr uni cerberus uni and griffin: them: nfr ninja monkey

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2021.09.23 23:03 username_taken_540 On a video about the friday the 13th timeline

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2021.09.23 23:03 Josh2807 Cup Draw

Rangers vs Hibernian
Celtic vs St Johnstone
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2021.09.23 23:03 kobony Original Art Acrylic Painting,30W x 80H x 3D cm,Mattia Paoli Street Art,Abstract Expressionism,Surrealism,Modern,AbstractAbstract. Florence,Surrealism,Ironpanel,Yellow,White,Miro,Acrylic,Scratch,Black

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2021.09.23 23:03 cyber2knaomi Aliexpress managed to still mess up my address after being provided with the right one…

had this happened to anyone else u legit provided the right address but somehow they got the street number wrong on the combined delivery address this is so frustrating. my first order too
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2021.09.23 23:03 vatsalcshah 12 Weeks journey update, It's a MAGIC POTION. [20 y/o Minoxidil 5% once a day derma-roller once a week + Workout + Multi-Vitamins]. Rate My Gains. Give me Tips. Please don't tell me to trim I can't cause of personal reasons.

12 Weeks journey update, It's a MAGIC POTION. [20 y/o Minoxidil 5% once a day derma-roller once a week + Workout + Multi-Vitamins]. Rate My Gains. Give me Tips. Please don't tell me to trim I can't cause of personal reasons. submitted by vatsalcshah to Minoxbeards [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 23:03 DasherCO The name is not valid or contains profanity

Pretty fucking mad. Been using the same character name for 20 years, it worked in the beta. This game isnt for kids.
TITS is not profanity
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2021.09.23 23:03 Cassandra- PMPED "Oops. Alex stole all your money. He has a severe drug problem. No one knew."

Let's think about this.
If PMPED and others were involved in embezzling clients out of their money, they would want to pin it all on one guy. Let Alex take the fall. He brought all of this down on us, him and his brat kid Paul.
The hearing was 3 days away. Alex had already spent 2 years fighting being forced to reveal his financial information to the court. Alex already admitted he was broke. There would be no shame in proving it. But a court ruling would mean an investigation, a paper trail. That's clearly what Alex wanted to avoid. And maybe others did too.
Sept 3 Alex is fired from his law firm. What triggered it? Was there another upcoming court case? Or something behind the scenes and maybe it took 3 months to sort out some paperwork and financial documents?
Let's imagine Alex being sat down and having it all explained to him. You're leaving the firm and we're going to hire an accountant who will discover the paper trail we created to pin it all on you. You stole all the money because you have a serious drug addiction. Opiates. By our calculations, you must have been addicted for a good 20 years now. That will explain where all the money went.
What do you think? Possible?
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2021.09.23 23:03 Beyond_Vision78 TerraPower: The Nuclear Energy Company Revolutionizing the Nuclear Reactor

Nuclear power hasn't seen significant fundamental upgrades to both reactor tech and the type of fuel used in decades. Water-cooled cores, as well as enriched Uranium (U-235) reactors have been the primary reactor types installed with no significant innovation on reactors of other technologies. Reactors today still primarily depend upon electronic back-up systems, leaving the door open to possible nuclear meltdowns.
TerraPower, a company backed by Bill Gates, is reshaping how humanity approaches nuclear energy. Their reactor utilizes a molten-salt core, a material that circulates itself based upon gravity and physics, something water-based cores cannot claim due to. This negates the need for circulation systems, further simplifying the reactor as well as removing a possible failure point. TerraPower also utilizes a core fuel structure called the "traveling wave reactor", where enriched, U-235 facilitates fission of non-enriched, U-238. Fuel rods of enriched U-235 undergo fission first, and neutrons from the fission of this material facilitates fission in surrounding fuel rods of U-238. This process continues indefinitely, until the entire core is spent, which takes about 30-40 years. Only a small amount of U-235 enriched Uranium is needed to cause an entire core of fuel to undergo fission, a breakthrough in fuel technology. TerraPower's reactors also come with an external heat storage system for additional energy generation when needed in peak electricity demand periods, further increasing the utility of TerraPower's systems.

If humanity is to conquer climate change, we are going to need to tap every source of zero carbon energy we have. Nuclear energy is not as dangerous as everyone believes, especially when utilizing intelligently designed, radically safer reactors like TerraPower's. TerraPower's reactors are dramatically smaller, cheaper, and last significantly longer than current reactors, so their tech has significant potential for the nuclear energy industry. Their first reactor is poised to go online in Wyoming by 2025, with subsequent reactors to follow. They may be small, but TerraPower is definitely a company to keep your eye on in the nuclear industry.

I dive deep into TerraPower's tech and the implications of such tech in a podcast, for anyone that's interested further. Here's a link below:
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2021.09.23 23:03 AccomplishedNovel831 🚀BnbVerse $VERSE - Bsc token, Launching Now - Low market cap and long term token - CMC and CG soon, Small and Smart project, Join our launch. Don't miss out!

BNBVERSE $VERSE is your community driven token on Binance Smart Chain network.
Our token will distribute 8% of dividends in BNB to all its holders and will also support BNBVerse by buying and burning the purchase transaction.
🍀 BNBVerse $VERSE description
Community Based project
BNBVerse is fully decentralised, there is no main owner of the token. All decisions are made in favor of the community.
The BNBVerse smart contract applies a 10% fee on all transactions (buys/sells). Out of this, 1% is automatically liquidty pool.
🔐Security Token
Initial liquidity is locked for 1 year.
🔥 NFT Market place coming soon
🔥 Partnering with professionals from all sectors.
🔥 Daily AMAs and Community Games with Giveaways.
🔥 1K Telegram members and growing
🔥 CMC and CG soon.
🔥 Get rewarded in $BNB rewards for holding $Verse tokens.
🎁Why $Verse Token?
$Verse token is completely unique. This is the first token of its kind. There can be only one true $Verse
$Verse is safe & passes all NoRug requirements, including locked liquidity, locked equity & more!
$Verse rewards people for holding and takes tax for selling.
$Verse understands the importance of partnerships and has access to a large bmarketing budget.
TOTAL SUPPLY 1,000,000,000 $VERSE
Every buy/sells 10%
1% Liquidity Pool
1% Marketing
8% BNB Reward
Contract: 0x8971512eed19014b869aeaf01b04a7c808d17bdb
Buy Here:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.23 23:03 chanma50 Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s New Movie ‘Bardo (or False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths)’ Wraps Filming: First Details on ‘Nostalgic Comedy’ Epic

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2021.09.23 23:03 imadethisonthetoliet Holy Walrus where am I going tonight

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2021.09.23 23:03 Andreas1701 Is the team vaccinated?

Like the titel says, is the whole team vaccinated? Because i've seen that they need to be in order to play in certain places. Does anyone know who is and isn't?
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2021.09.23 23:03 ApprehensiveCost4357 ARCUS by @jimthepaintastic (IG)

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