[WTS][USA-IL][H] Beyerdynamic DT880 Edition [W] Paypal

2021.09.23 23:08 TheNation55 [WTS][USA-IL][H] Beyerdynamic DT880 Edition [W] Paypal

These are the 250ohm and purchased directly from the Beyer site at the beginning of the year, still in perfect condition as well as all original packaging. Looking for $100 and they ship to your priority, US only, thanks for looking!
Timestamp: https://imgur.com/4ECN4K0 https://imgur.com/3AF3PoF https://imgur.com/ZWtpT6q
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2021.09.23 23:08 Majestic_Reception56 Recovering addict

I don't follow this sub but it got recommended to me the other day.
I was addicted to meth for a few years and someone posted an image of a meth pipe the other day and the post popped up in my feed.
Honestly threw me off guard because it wasn't marked NSFW.
Well anyway I had a dream i was smoking meth last night and now I really wanna relapse.
Just wanted to say thanks. (Sarcasm)
Downvote if you want just be aware of triggers for future reference. Common courtesy.
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2021.09.23 23:08 Logi_Scroll I advertised my r/jokes joke on Twitter to try to get upvotes

And it actually turned out that the following between the two was an amazing amount of lack of interest.
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2021.09.23 23:08 Garrhvador91 Nothing beats a beer in berlin

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2021.09.23 23:08 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 23:08 kulane222 Ladder d2 Res

Are all ladder only runewords available on bnet even if we cant create a ladder character ?
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2021.09.23 23:08 thatonebitchweeb Rejected like Brock and his jelly filled doughnuts

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2021.09.23 23:08 Joel_tdl [PS4][Help][DS Remastered] I need help with Knight Artorias

I’m stuck with this one and I only have 1 humanity left lol ): help. I’m standing right before the boss area. Thanks in advance.
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2021.09.23 23:08 Pineappru ɟlǝsɹǝH soɐɥƆ

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2021.09.23 23:08 dziuniek2 Do not create taskbar icons for pinned applications

Do not create taskbar icons for pinned applications Hi guys,
I reinstalled Linux (Debian testing). My KDE almost looks as before but I cannot customise one thing. I have three pinned applications (Vivaldi, Intellij, Dolphin). Before when I launched one of these, no additional taskbar icons were created. As far as I remember, my pinned icons were highlighted. Now Additional icons are created. How do I get the previous look?

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2021.09.23 23:08 tdotpicks Georgia vs Vanderbilt news

Maybe many of you fellas already know this but adding insult to injury Vanderbilts leading running back Ra'Mahn Davis will have season-ending surgery to repair a torn toe ligament on his right foot. Coach Clark Lea confirmed Davis' injury Tuesday, saying they consulted with doctors Monday night.
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2021.09.23 23:08 midnightsun420 Being a server, I felt this

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2021.09.23 23:08 Silent_Call_6969 kdkdkfk

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2021.09.23 23:08 lotuseater51 “Got any good Epictetus memes?” said no one ever

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2021.09.23 23:08 Langansel High Country Week 1 Recap

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2021.09.23 23:08 Reasonable_Ant_2017 The strange-ish flag of Panevėžys

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2021.09.23 23:08 bizzi0801 Narcissist fan art

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2021.09.23 23:08 popcornboiii REPORT: Biden's Staff KNOWS He's In Cognitive Decline

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2021.09.23 23:08 essaycode FORENSIC ACCOUNTING……solved

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2021.09.23 23:08 jlee008 What is your favorite drinking game?

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2021.09.23 23:08 blardorg anime_irl

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2021.09.23 23:08 Boardathome Another great day! As we get closer to 3rd quarter Financials, watch as the fomo sets in...

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2021.09.23 23:08 jn_hanone [US-CA] [H] GMK Frost Witch + Tokipee, Primus (Grey/white/Black), Kepler TKL [W] Paypal

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/p2pN5oB
I'm located in the Bay Area for those who are local. All items for sale includes shipping and only to CONUS.
Kepler: Built on a pom plate and Wilba WT80-A pcb with Vint cherry blacks lubed with 205g0, Sprit 63.5g Slow springs lubed with GPL 105, pink TX films and C3 V2 Stabs. Comes with a desoldered Signature87 pcb, blue PVD brass plate,black lemo cable and gaskets. The inside of the brass weight has lots of uncoated pvd and back corners does have a few marks shown on the pictures. Shipped in a Pelican case. $1400 OBO
Primus75: Grey top, white bottom and black weight. Built on a black alu plate with Gateron Black Inks V1 that was lubed with 205g0, GPL105 lubed Sprit 63.5g slow springs and durock V1 stabs. Come was extra pcb and pc plate. Keycaps not included. $650 OBO
GMK Frost Witch and Tokipee: Looking to sell together. BNIB $450
Please comment before PM.
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2021.09.23 23:08 Tardigradium Romac 2.1 issue QMK

Image with error
I compiled a keymap for my Romac 2.1 but every time I do I avoid shortcuts that include the LAG(kc) keycode because it returns an error message. Can someone help me with this or is there another way to enter a keycode involving LGUI and LALT?
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2021.09.23 23:08 ardikus Since Mihoyo are not willing to have a decent anniversary event, let's come up with our own!

Here's my contribution:
Limited Co-Op event: Dvalin's Fury
The Traveler's sibling has found a way to regain the Abyssal corruption over Dvalin's mind, and the great dragon is rampaging in Inazuma! Band together with your friends to defeat this boss for the first time in co-op with a brand new limited time boss encounter
Rewards: A Universal Five-Star Stella Fortuna, usable to gain a constellation on any Five-Star character
What are your ideas?
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