At this point I think I just should buy a nerf gun.

2021.09.23 23:13 ur_wrong_ At this point I think I just should buy a nerf gun.

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2021.09.23 23:13 TyroonGerald i jsut thiught

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2021.09.23 23:13 Embarrassed-Ad4 Suggest best pubs near Ncstate

I'm pissed not going to the game and someone suggest some good pubs nearby the campus.
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2021.09.23 23:13 Crykeeee Hi

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2021.09.23 23:13 tobeingherenow222 what do i do

my mother in law left my husband and i her house recently. it’s me, him, our newborn and my brother in law living here right now. i wash dishes, clean the house, take care of the baby and etc every single day. but at this point i just feel like a maid. they have three dogs that my husband promised he would look after and they keep pooping in the house and now he’s refusing to pick it up! dishes are piled so high from him and his brother in law and im just so tired. his mother in law will come visit and just lay everything on me. she says that i need to keep the house clean. i haven’t slept and i barely get to spend good time with my daughter because im cleaning up after everyone! what do i do???? how do i bring this up without sounding lazy? im the only one who doesn’t work (because of our baby) so i feel like they think i have all the time in the world to clean
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2021.09.23 23:13 anniehall330 Spoiler: questions about the old man

When the old man showed true signs of dementia and he seemed disturbed (urinating himself, yelling and crying when the fight broke out, his behaviour in the 4th game with the marbles etc.) was he faking this the whole time?
They could fake his death in the 4th game but what would have happened if they had lost in the rope game or in other previous games where everyone witnessed the players’ death.
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2021.09.23 23:13 rep4rep Not working

So far I've been on 35.7mg to 75mg and now I'm at 150mg but I feel as if I never even took anything. I was really hoping that this will finally help me after already trying both Fluoxetine and BusPIRone which have also both failed to treat my social anxiety. I've been on effexor for 2 weeks now at 150mg and I still completely feel everything I've felt when I wasn't even on medication.
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2021.09.23 23:13 Viktor_Reznov01 D:

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2021.09.23 23:13 tenderbuck Ready to build the Liebherr

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2021.09.23 23:13 uiensae 🚀MiniAstronauts🚀Huge $12,500 in prizes before launch! Join the sweepwidget contest! Presale is tomorrow on DXSale!! Be part of the OxCreators movement - be a MiniAstronaut!

0xCreators is a new movement - We believe in decentralization, cooperation, and a fairer distribution of wealth and finance. Since we desire privacy and decentralization, we must ensure that each and every individual has the means to be a part of this movement, this transition.
0xCreators aims to be a force to be reckoned with in the cryptocurrency industry. Bringing communities and developers together with the sole purpose of fueling the powers behind decentralization, cooperation, and a fairer distribution of wealth and finance.
MiniASTRO & 0xCreators
MiniASTRO is just the beginning of the 0xCreators movement. The ASTRO network will consist of our own AMM (ASTROSWAP) and ASTROFARMING, and utility token(s) with NFT integration. 0xCreators will be the face and platform behind this movement, integrating other 0xCreators projects on the farm and swap. The goal of the 0xCreators platform is to provide a decentralized form of KYC for other projects to instil trust in buyers and supporters.
MiniASTRO was launched with a total of 10,000,000,000,000 tokens (10 trillion). This is the max supply. However, this token is deflationary since it has a static burn fee on every transaction. Tokenomics: rewarding holders, increasing the liquidity (preventing dumps), and thus sustain a price level & a deflationary mechanism in the form of a burn on every transaction.
Why does this matter? It matters because there is value in scarcity. There is already a set max supply, but the supply will decrease perpetually. MiniASTRO employs 3 special functions: Reflection + LP (Liquidity Pool) acquisition + burn-in each trade. In total every transaction is taxed a total amount of 15%. Split in three;
- 3% reflection fee
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Since we desire privacy and decentralization, we must ensure that each and every individual has the means to be a part of this movement, this transition. 0xCreators aims to be a force to be reckoned with in the cryptocurrency industry. Bringing communities and developers together with the sole purpose of fuelling the powers behind decentralization, cooperation, and a fairer distribution of wealth and finance.
Since the development of smart contracts, we have seen a multitude of new (block)chains popping up. We won’t go into ranking or giving our preference in any chain. We prefer decentralization, so our vision is that every user and every holder of crypto should be able to easily buy any token or asset for that matter.
In the future, we want to provide the token, and its utilities, to multiple chains. We cannot foresee a chain being clogged, a chain being more popular in the sense of development and community (building). Therefore liquidity coming from MiniASTRO will be locked for 6 months the first time.
We might have to migrate out of the initial chain it will be listed on (Binance Smart Chain). We are seeing a multitude of chains gaining popularity and development incentives. However, It is a community choice. Once the liquidity unlocks the community can decide where to migrate to.
Audit is being worked on as we speak…
Here are a couple of important links:
Presale: https://
Telegram: https://
Website: https://
We do not advertise as a financial investment. We are here to bring a new movement with our 0xCreators movement.
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2021.09.23 23:13 1-StpKlosr Cold War worth the purchase for the guns in Warzone?

I haven't bought CW so far and saw the sale and since I put together a new PC, I can enjoy games with no stutters and with a smoother experience. Are the guns in CW any better than their counter parts in MW that I should work on the unlocks so I can create loadouts in Warzone? I understand I can unlock the guns and progress them through Warzone, but I'd much rather do it in smaller game modes and not Warzone.
submitted by 1-StpKlosr to CODWarzone [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 23:13 ben_bearden Cox Internet Issues

Anyone else having issues with their Cox connection? For about a week or so my iPhone and MacBook absolutely refuse to stay connected to my WiFi. School and work I have no issues, but at home they either refuse to stay connected or I have very slow service. Cox is super expensive compared to where I’m from so I would like to have a reliable connection. Side note: Anyone have any tips or tricks on how to get my bill lowered?
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2021.09.23 23:13 Jackosaures02 💰Cardillionaire Club- Thrive With Us - [ 15% Auto ADA ] - [Fair Launch] - [ LAUNCH AT 200 MEMBERS ]🔥Website live in 1 hour

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2021.09.23 23:13 Bum_In_The_Park I finally figured out how to best approach BEC - Becker + Farhat

Like many of you, I went through FAR thinking it was the most challenging exam, and don't get me wrong, it still is. AUD was tricky but I got it. I took REG a few weeks ago and will be finding out my score in another few weeks, and the jury is still out as to whether I passed.
So here came BEC, which I've been told time and time again is the easiest exam. While it may have a higher pass-rate than the other sections, the material is still very difficult. Let's be honest, for most people all four sections can be tremendously challenging both in the actual studying itself as well as the test-taking. Anyway, I started going through some of the lectures and found myself in a daze, and I'd say this section is the one where Peter Olinto really doesn't shine as bright as he does elsewhere. Not only are there a lot of calculations and mnemonics, but the material is dry, and its as if old Sugar Bear has you underline each and every section of any given page.
So I found myself lost. I tried lectures, I tried going through the MCQs via brute force, and I tried reading the book itself, but I kept finding myself getting frustrated for a few reasons, one being I was used to a certain speed of going through the material with REG and AUD, and I just simply WAS NOT GETTING IT, and found myself getting frustrated, because not only was I not getting it, but I was spending an inordinate amount of time on each module.
I went back to the drawing board, and went to Old Reliable - Professor Farhat. I always speak highly of him, even had him in real life for Intermediate II in college, and had used him as a supplement for the other sections I took. I was apprehensive about using him a lot for this one because of the time it would take to go through some of his videos, but the fact is, with these tests it's important to take it slow, and I've found that slowing down for once is important and necessary for the exam.
My method is really just to use Farhat as my main lecturer for this exam, and then go between Becker practice problems/MCQs and Farhat's own set of questions that he has on his website. I'm actually grasping the information taking it bit-by-bit, whereas Becker lectures can leave you with a bit of sensory overload, and it's working.
Tl;dr - Farhat is great for BEC, and can be used as your main source of lectures for much of the material. If you are struggling to grasp the information, I recommend his service, and especially recommend not trying to rush through the material.
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2021.09.23 23:13 ironicpettybourgeois Wang Ming, Comintern, Mao Zedong & Peasantry

I have been studying the history of the Chinese Revolution for a while now. My question is, what do you all think of Wang Ming, and the Comintern's (Stalin as well to an extent) directions to the Chinese Communists to take it easy, to appease the KMT (Chang Kai Shek) and the bourgeoisie? The Comintern strategy seemed to be to join & ally with the KMT for a united front against the warlords and Japanese for a bourgeois revolution, which would require the communists to tell the peasantry and revolutionaries to calm down and not attack the landlords and bourgeoisie. Mao, Zhou, and his comrades were a part of this attacking faction that were seen as ultra leftists and peasant revolutionaries by the Comintern and even Hoxha. I can see the reasoning behind both lines, with the Comintern taking a more conservative line to minimize conflict and bloodshed in such tumultuous and vital periods. I can also see that they were perhaps influenced by the need to gain international assistance to the Soviet Union and the socialist world, that they had to keep in mind the necessity to ensure the USSR's survival and growth. On the other hand, Mao and his comrades were faced with militant peasantry and popular classes, and were in a difficult spot. In this case were there contradictions among the peasantry and proletariat? Would it have been better if the communists & proletariat discouraged militancy among the popular classes and instead tailed the national bourgeois (KMT) for an anti colonial bourgeois revolution? Of course we know that Chang Kai Shek turned on the left, but is this because the communists were too hostile to the national bourgeoisie and landlords? Perhaps if the communists had kept quiet and been less combative, Chang Kai Shek would not have ordered their slaughtering. The Comintern line was that the communists should have done more legal work, discouraged the violence of peasants and proletariat to the landlords and bourgeoisie, and kept quiet until the national bourgeois anti imperialist revolution was complete. Then conditions would be better for socialism. Mao's line was that the communists should retreat to the countryside, win over the peasantry, and surround and slowly cut off the cities where the KMT & bourgeoisie dominated. Mao was accused of being a Chinese nationalist and peasant fighter for this, while the Comintern & Wang Ming were the so called internationalists.
How can we evaluate this dialectically? I know we are communists and not pacifists or liberals, but which road would've secured the dictatorship of the proletariat with the least amount of bloodshed and dead communists? What was the correct Marxist line? I know this is probably hard to answer as we were not there. My secondary question is, what could've prevented the massacres of communists in the cities? Who's line was correct in preventing this? If my question is too much or if any information is wrong please correct me.
Another thing I realize is that the answer can also establish what Marxism is, the difference between the left and ultraleft, rebellion and freedom from the dawn of class oppression, modern strategy, and the future of hum(y?)n kind. I also realize that maybe this question can only be answered through practice and actually intervening in reality. Anyway, thank you.
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2021.09.23 23:13 Filamach Teaser

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2021.09.23 23:13 zenkiin r/realadvice a subreddit for honesty. Come join if you're interested :)

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2021.09.23 23:13 hockey3331 The team is settling in! (Pokemon Platinum)

The team is settling in! (Pokemon Platinum)
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2021.09.23 23:13 Chance-Painting4051 Keeps getting better !!🥳👏🚀

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2021.09.23 23:13 Bayar_machiavelli_v2 Hello i need help, i bought a 10$ playstation card and i can't buy ps now 1 month membership

i can't buy ps now 1 month membership because it says that i need a paypal account or a credit card and i don't have any of them , will anyone be nice and borrow me his paypal or credit card ?
i just want to buy that 1 month ps now membership but unfortunately i can't buy it without a credit card or a paypal
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2021.09.23 23:13 SnooaLipa Yeah, it totally wasn’t fucking clear whether or not this Redditor was joking or not

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2021.09.23 23:13 nikwasi A fake neighborhood on top of the Boeing factory to deter possible air attacks during WWII. King County, Washington. Circa 1944 [1024x714]

A fake neighborhood on top of the Boeing factory to deter possible air attacks during WWII. King County, Washington. Circa 1944 [1024x714] submitted by nikwasi to SeattleWA [link] [comments]

2021.09.23 23:13 AntiVaxQuacks Get $25 with Canadas newest credit card. Neo Financial Referral Code

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2021.09.23 23:13 cmgww Mad Dog is laughable but he has a point….even Tom Brady says the game has gotten soft.

I know we all love to laugh at the Mad Dog clips, and they are pretty funny. But he did have a point today. Guys no longer fear going over the middle, defenses so much as touch a star receiver and they’re getting a pass interference penalty, etc. and let’s not forget the quarterbacks, a fingernail touches them and it’s roughing the passer. I don’t think we need to go back to the 70s When dudes were getting paralyzed, but when Tom Brady says the game has gotten soft (ironic since he has benefited from the rule changes and played for 22 years now)…. Maybe old Mad Dog just might have a point.
Oh and the taunting calls are total BS btw.
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2021.09.23 23:13 wild_person Ferrieres- bug?

Hello! So I've just gone through the Ferrieres Fort in River raids. I've got all the chests, went through the place 10 times so pretty sure no-one is left alive but it still doesn't mark the raid as completed.
Anyone experiencing this?
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