I second this

2021.09.23 23:31 AutismCell I second this

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2021.09.23 23:31 After-Bowler-3319 For the boys

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2021.09.23 23:31 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.23 23:31 StrunkF10 MVP/Axiom/Streamline discs for sale

Orange fission Volt (172) 8/10 - rarely thrown with a few scuffs
Red plasma ion (169) 8/10 - scuffs present but no dings or scrapes
Pink proton pilot (174) 10/10 - never thrown, metal flake
Blue plasma envy (174) 8/10 - normal wear and tear, metal flake
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2021.09.23 23:31 BTC_is_waterproof Eli Manning takeaways ahead of Giant legend's number retirement, including his 'special bond' with Super Bowl XLII team

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2021.09.23 23:31 MichaelJG11 Water Softener Drain Location?

Where does everyone drain their water softener units? We're looking into getting one installed by a local company who wants to connect it to one of the vent stacks in the house sewer system. Doing some research online this does not appear to be to code.
A little more information...Water softener unit would be in the garage. The vent stack associated with the kitchen is fairly near (within about 15-20') so it would be a short run over there. I live in CA so the house is slab on grade with all drain plumbing locked beneath the slab (typical for west-southwest style house construction in CA, AZ, NV, NM, TX). This side of the house is fairly near a neighbor so cannot discharge outside (that was my initial preferred solution). Plus I've read that the salty discharge can be bad for plants.
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2021.09.23 23:31 BelleAriel Basic human rights

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2021.09.23 23:31 D3st4 CardanoRivals! Drop before 15th October

CardanoRivals! Drop before 15th October Welcome to the world of cardanorivals!
Discord https://discord.gg/AgJRG2GynP
Twitter https://twitter.com/CardanoRivals

With these handmade CNFTs we want to represent collectible rivals from all over the world with many cities to discover and gangs to collect! All illustration are handmade with Monotipia style. Monotipia is a type of printmaking made by drawing or painting on a smooth, non-absorbent surface,produces a unique print when most of ink is removed during the initial pressing, these prints from the original plate are called " ghost prints".A print made by pressing a new print onto another surface, effectively making the print into a plate, is called a "cognate", often we used stencils, watercolor,brushes an other tools for embellish a monotipia print.

The whole world, 5 continents full of rival cities, each continent will have a rarity and it's represented by the number of cities compared to the importance of the continent, for exemple the European cities will be more than the Australian cities, so Europe is more common than Australia.
For each city there will also be a rare version! The ratio, for the first drop, with normal cities is 10 to 3, 10 Common 3 Rare.
Discord https://discord.gg/AgJRG2GynP
Twitter https://twitter.com/CardanoRivals
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2021.09.23 23:31 shrewd_colossi What’s the easiest language to learn?

And how long would I have to study it for to be capable of being hired?
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2021.09.23 23:31 SwaggyGopher47 [PS4] [Pro-am] [USA East] Looking for PF/centers who can shoot

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2021.09.23 23:31 MaintenanceDry8344 Was ich denke, wie ich beim flirten aussehe vs. Wie ich wirklich aussiehe

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2021.09.23 23:31 1Chloe_Price Deathmatch adjustments

The new deathmatch system is good imo. But there are some thing what i would like to be implemented:
1) auto reload on kill. Got used to community servers and after killing in regular dm just die because of low ammo (yes, force of habit, but still) 2) medshots should be injected the moment you press the key bind. This is so time consuming equipping them first then wait until you hold it for 2 seconds and finally injecting. 3) maybe decrease to 2 kills for a bonus medshot? 4) some kind of afk detecting and maybe spawn protection rework. When a dude spawns and just start to point a gun at you and waiting for a good crosshairs placement.. annoying 5) and what about an option to make all weapons available no matter the side you are on? maybe if you press b-4-2 the menu offers you to choose between ak,a4 or a1.
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2021.09.23 23:31 reddit_feed_bot The Epoch Times: Founder of Falun Gong Receives Global Greetings on Chinese Holiday

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2021.09.23 23:31 Salma2025 Aura and Human Thinking

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2021.09.23 23:31 Baby_Strawberryyyy Help animal crossing taking forever to save

Help. I just restarted my island and I wanted to time travel to get my residents services done so I could pay off my house loan. It’s been stuck in saving. Do not power off. For about an hour now. What do I do? This has never happened before. Send help!
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2021.09.23 23:31 smoodledood Left bong in my bathroom when exterminator came (GA)… Is that okay?

My roommate emailed our complex about bugs so while I was at class today they sent the apartment exterminator to come spray all over our place. I had a bong out on the counter, and my bathroom probably smells loud af anyway. Can they get me in trouble over this? I live in Georgia.
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2021.09.23 23:31 Caturday_Yet My take on the High Trestle Trail Bridge

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2021.09.23 23:31 shade725 One of my favorite dynamic duos.

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2021.09.23 23:31 silence7 Every season except summer is getting shorter, a sign of trouble for people and the environment | As summer becomes longer, fall and winter are growing shorter in the Northern Hemisphere

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2021.09.23 23:31 eggplanetz I call this A Family Portrait. Just experimenting with composition during lockdown. Ig: @arevitak

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2021.09.23 23:31 pretty_boy_demon pine forest (need)

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2021.09.23 23:31 Reasonable-Mess7291 Antiguo monopolio farmacias Benavides

He trabajado en reclutamiento y en ventas, y he escuchado por lo menos dos historias de gente que ponia una farmacia en una colonia, y las farmacias Benavides amenazaban a sus proveedores para que no les surtieran producto. ¿han escuchado historias similares? Seria algo karmico, viendo hoy en dia la decadencia de las farmavias Benavides, que no pudieron contra la competencia de las Farmacias Similares, Guadalajara, entre otras.
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2021.09.23 23:31 Northernboy01 Wtf is this track from Hector Oaks Instagram story? (2nd & 3rd clip)

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2021.09.23 23:31 Acrobatic_Season2871 Today we Feast like Kings!

Today we Feast like Kings! Hot Beans and Coffee ,best things life has to offer.
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2021.09.23 23:31 Sesquipedalianfish Mono-white is amazing. Platinum to Mythic in 36 hours

I picked up a couple of Intrepid Adversaries in Sealed and realised I had almost every card for a premium mono-white Standard list. I never play aggro but I thought "Why not?"
As everyone but me already knew, the deck is pure gas
It probably helps that for the last month or so I’d been durdling around in Platinum playing Eyetwitches and Acquisitions Experts, so I’ve probably been running down my MMR, then the sudden upgrade turbo-charged me and I got easy matches. But regardless, I went all the way through Diamond into Mythic in a day and a bit. Probably about five hours' active play.
Here’s my list.
4 Codespell Cleric 4 Monk of the Open Hand 4 Usher of the Fallen 4 Luminarch Aspirant 4 Clarion Spirit 4 Elite Spellbinder 3 Reidane, God of the Worthy 3 Intrepid Adversary 2 Brutal Cathar 2 Skyclave Apparition 2 Kabira Takedown 2 Paladin Class
18 Snow-Covered Plains 4 Faceless Haven
It’s very straightforward. There’s nothing strategic about the choices. I don’t own Sparring Regimen or four copies of Legion Angel so I didn’t play them. I only own three Adversaries which is why I’m not playing four. I split Cathar / Apparition equally because I had no idea which was better. (Actually this is probably the right split.)
If I pick up a 4th adversary I’ll probably ditch the Takedowns and play 4 Adversary and 23 lands.
I only really have three tips for the deck.

  1. Think really hard about sequencing to make sure you get the maximum value from double spells.
  2. You basically only lose to board wipes, so don’t keep piling out more stuff if you think you have lethal but they haven’t quit. They’re going to Crippling Fear you.
  3. Do the combat maths. You really don’t want to leave them on 1.
Also, the moment you see an angel token, scoop.
Enjoy the deck! If you’re playing it, let me know how you’re getting on.
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