Songs that you DIDN'T like on HORIZONS

2021.10.21 14:37 XepiaZ Songs that you DIDN'T like on HORIZONS

I don't want to be negative but the question has to be asked. What's your thoughts?
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2021.10.21 14:37 RupertRobbed Im as confused as Eliza

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2021.10.21 14:37 mpcgannon Firefox Android: How to remove specific URL auto suggestion

When I want to go to gmail, I start typing gm... and the auto suggest gives me "" which I think is trying to redirect me to the google play store to download the app. If I wanted the app, I'd get it. How do I remove this suggestion? THANKS ALL!!!!
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2021.10.21 14:37 Teddy_Raptor Jantsen @ Terminal West, 12-17-21

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2021.10.21 14:37 yomom2003 myGriffith student portal logins

Hey everyone, so I’m an upcoming international student for the 2022 March intake at the GC campus and I’m just wondering, when does the university provide the myGriffith student portal login details?
For some info, I already received my CoE last month and that’s the last communication I have had with the university... I’m just a little worried since I saw from the uni website that enrollment for trimester 1 2022 starts November, thus without my username and password given I won’t be able to access and enroll... Do I send an email to an admissions officer?
So yeah, I would appreciate it for any sort of advice :)
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2021.10.21 14:37 EventLogs How can I receive the Most Current scores and plays for live NFL, NBA, and MLB games?

I do live in-game betting, so I need to receive the most current scores and plays for live NFL, NBA, and MLB games.
The radio feed at is 10 seconds behind the "Play-by-play" webpage at, so I would like to know which source delivers the information the fastest.

  1. Is there any source that is faster than the "Play-by-play" webpages at,, and
  2. Do TV games (via cable or antenna) have any delay?
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2021.10.21 14:37 angeloftheblood Learning something new hoping to get some advice!

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2021.10.21 14:37 YourLocaLawyer Oh no no no no

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2021.10.21 14:37 848485 Crash when loading HQ map

My game crashes anytime I try to rift back to the HQ, including loading previous save games on the HQ map. I can still do other missions without issue.
Any advice?
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2021.10.21 14:37 Otherwise_Ad_2261 last night i was stalking her facebook and accidentally shared one of her posts on my facebook

i couldn’t figure out how to delete it for like 3 mins im so embarrassed
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2021.10.21 14:37 damicapra It's endgame. Strahd is furious at the party, but they are too scared to look for the foretold final battle location. Do i bring Strahd to them? Also, what kind of trap would Ezmerelda set up in Ravenloft if she had some prep time?

My party is in Endgame in Ravenloft and while there they managed to do many things so far:
The Hearth of Sorrow is destroyed,
Volenta and Rahadin are dead,
Patrina has been resurrected,
Strahd married Ireena and turned her, but she was later killed/put to rest by the party.
Strahd is now FURIOUS and he's not going to play anymore. They're gonna need to fight for their lives.
The party is kinda low on resources, and they're somewhat scared to fight head on with Strahd, and they're avoiding the card reading that foretold the final battle in area K6, and are going with Ezmerelda in the King's Bedroom where she prepared a trap.
Do i bring Strahd to them, ignoring the card reading?
Also, what kind of trap would Ezmerelda prepare?
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2021.10.21 14:37 JiggyNutter Not from Quora but still what the fuck?

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2021.10.21 14:37 HXRTnetwork Strawberry Station - Anita

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2021.10.21 14:37 ___moonchild Small storage clearout! Items, walls and floorings in the marked area. Feel free to shop at Nook's and Able's. Taking groups of 2. Also Tipper the snooty cow is in boxes. Comment your IGN and island name for the dodo!

Small storage clearout! Items, walls and floorings in the marked area. Feel free to shop at Nook's and Able's. Taking groups of 2. Also Tipper the snooty cow is in boxes. Comment your IGN and island name for the dodo! submitted by ___moonchild to NoFeeAC [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 14:37 dikov Heroes Quest help

Could any black arm gang members help me with heroes? Been in the soa chat for ages and not found anyone. Happy to pay 300k
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2021.10.21 14:37 Immediate_Question99 ❇ BLUE NEO BSC ❇ Stealth Launch ❇ Listed On PancakeSwap ❇ ❇ Liquidity locked ❇

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💚 We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!
We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...
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BC.Game is a new crypto gaming site where you can earn crypto coins by placing bets on games and claim free bonuses on other games and activities.
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2021.10.21 14:37 Stephen_A_Bayless Is anyone searching for Apollo?

I’m restarting my island soon and was gonna let Apollo void with the island. But he’s asking to leave today. Does anyone want him?
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2021.10.21 14:37 3onyourside Green hydrogen hub in Mississippi to be largest in US

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2021.10.21 14:37 silvestrezf Before/after Mexico City's Churubusco River

part of an interactive project I'm currently developig:
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2021.10.21 14:37 MillennialBets Donkey Kong – King of APES DD – Uncovered Potential in DKNG

Date: 2021-10-21 12:33:30, Author: u/54681685468, (Karma: 17641, Created:Oct-2020)
SubReddit: WallStreetBets, DD Click Here
PICTURES DETECTED: this DD post is better viewed in it's original post
Some Tickers mentioned in this post:
CS 10.405 |DKNG 49.495 |AMC 40.3 |CLOV 7.91 |DG 217.99 |FTC 117.69 |GME 183.46 |

Disclaimer: This is based on what I've researched and to the best of my ability. Do your own DD. Obligatory this is not an investment advice.
TLDR – Undervalued, unknown market potential (nobody is looking at the data in front of them), and getting crushed by shorts. Increase in institutional ownership over 100%, red flag for manipulation.
ƝƑŢs sales are huge, and the market has already rewarded other ƝƑŢ players handsomely, dapper labs, Sorare, Topps and others, with huge valuations, while DraftKings has been in the game for less than 70 days and is emerging as the 3rd best with a fraction of the inventory and users.
What's a ƝƑŢ again? It's a type of digital currency - usually run on Ether block chain - that's used to represent a unique asset and is valued as collectors' items. They are usually art, but can also be a meme, GIFs, songs, videos or items in video games. ƝƑŢs work like other speculative assets, where buyers hope that the value of it goes up, so it can be sold for a profit...
Stats: According to DappRadar, ƝƑŢ sales exceeded $10B in the third quarter of 2021, marking a 704% increase from the previous quarter
DraftKings is extremely aggressive when trying to capture market share, as you can see by their acquisitions in the past and currently, with ƝƑŢs its not different, they’ve bought Scarcity Labs and as per the below they are hiring and onboarding developers to grow their ƝƑŢ’s side to include art and videos to take market share from OpenSea and other ƝƑŢ marketplaces outside of Sports. All in all DKNG is taking everyone’s lunch with aggressive expansion.
Price Target – current price is a bargain/ manipulation by short sellers. Realistically including the growth business of ƝƑŢ’s and the blowout next 2 quarters with NFL, NHL and NBA combined, price should moon above $100+ a share. No analyst covering DKNG is including a ƝƑŢ marketplace valuation and has not scraped the data to even look into it.
Sales of ƝƑŢ marketplaces – Sports related only – 7 days’ worth
Source - as of 2021-10-10, Draftkings sales only cover secondary sales from Sept – 28 to Oct 8th, data file = , only event during this time was the Usain Bolt drop. .
The above data includes all sales for the top ƝƑŢ marketplaces except for DraftKing’s which is only the secondary sales from this activity feed ( , I attempted to scrap the data but probably missed some in the process. Either way the numbers are shocking, with less than 70 days operating, a few users and around 70 something ƝƑŢs available to buy and sell, they have passed Topps and are averaging a higher price per transaction and per buyer then TOPPS, NBA Top Shot and Sorare.

Sample of top Secondary sales from Sept – 28 to Oct 8th , data file = , only event during this time was the Usain Bolt drop.
Dapper Labs has been in the forefront for sports ƝƑŢs and been in the game a long time, the valuation they received shows the market is rewarding them for their market leadership, ( and ). With a 7.6 billion dollar valuation and growing since February 2021, you would think they would have better revenue but they were around $12 to $13 million in 5 months according to the attached article. DKNG in comparision based on the 7 days’ worth of data on secondary sales alone, would of done around 20 million (roughly based on secondary sales alone, could be more), all things not being equal since NBA tops shots has had over 67,000 users 400,000 packs vs DraftKings in 5 months would have about 200 ƝƑŢs available.
Sorare, the second place ƝƑŢ sports marketplace has had tremendous success as well ( ) , a 4.3 billion dollar valuation based on 150,000 users, several more ƝƑŢs then Draftkings but only 3x the sales in the 7 day period, with 7 times the amount of users and 8 times the amount of transactions?
No analysts have factors these figures into their valuations of DKNG but predict a higher price target than the current level. With the valuations other ƝƑŢ marketplaces are getting, a marketplace like DraftKings should be flying right now with this type of impressive growth and on track to outperform NBA top shot and Sorare as the market leader in this space.
No analyst has probably even looked at the data on this and is just waiting for the Nov 2021 earnings report to get some indication from the Exec team on this.
Sky’s the limit as they move aggressively into this market, this is evident with the acquisition of Scarcity Labs this year (, these guys operate in the art space and since acquired, DraftKings has on boarded their employees and execs, including founders and aggressively started hiring more developers for this space. Buying Scarcity labs includes their art division, as well as the core competencies their teams were working on, including video related ƝƑŢs , as per this employees GitHub, last updated 6 days ago (
This acquisition of Scarcity Labs means Draftkings will go after marketplaces like OpenSea, ( a 1.5 billion dollar valuation in July 2021, based on how much DraftKings accomplished in the past 60+ days with sports ƝƑŢs, and we should see revenue from the art space shorty. We see they are making the right moves as per the below hiring and employees they have in house now.
Hiring aggressively in the past month

Talent from Scarcity Labs
Block chain Developer at DraftKings Inc. -
Blockc hain Developer at DraftKings & - - Github this this developer, includes Video ƝƑŢ projects updated as recently as 6 days ago. owned by Draftkings at this point at well.
Software Engineering Manager - - Scarcity labs co-founder and former CTO at Scarcity labs
Block chain Developer at DraftKings Inc. -
High growth potential for DraftKings Marketplace
Less than 70 days operating and the sales are flying as we can see by this feed and the feeds on each listing page But most importantly the nature of the trading in the market place is picking up because of the low barriers of entry, because this doesn’t involve special wallets at this time, we see traders like this and several others jumping in the 10x their money on these ƝƑŢs, this is driving up the demand and several videos and traders like this exist on the platform as evident by the Autograph discord as well.
More public companies entering into ƝƑŢ space
Plenty of companies getting a boost in valuation based on this new and rightfully so if they can execute to the level of DraftKings
Celebrity Endorsements – Free marketing for DraftKings through Autograph partnership

Ownership Summary – potential manipulation Bloomberg’s showing off the charts institutional ownership of this stock, a lot of smart money in this stock as one would expect. But with over 100% of the shares being owned by institutional investors we find ourselves in a similar situation as before with Gamestop - , Shorts manipulating the current price. I chose this post because it’s from Feb 6th and GME was trading at $60, everyone thought the squeeze was over, and shorts were happy with that, few weeks later its trading above $200. We are seeing the same red flags with DKNG
Below are screenshots of other known high short stocks, if smart money thinks they are so shit, why do so many institutions hold them… has to be for shorting
Heavy short sales in Dark Pools - Over 40%
For those interested, shorts are piling on through dark pools. Potential exist to squeeze. The use of dark pools is very interesting as we know this is to hide the obvious intention to tank the stock but the level it’s reaching is becoming absurd.
Showing similar level of manipulation that exists in AMC and CLOV, known hedge fund manipulated stocks. DKNG showing sharp declines in price despite upcoming catalyst of state legalizations and during crucial sports betting half of the calendar year.
DKNG is showing the same level of dark pool shorting as NKLA a known fraud stock. This make no sense other than manipulation to pin down the price for market makers to make money on options expiring worthless.
Dark pools Explained -
AMC type Dark pool shorting – video referencing this type of shorting from March 2020, pre- AMC Squeeze -
Reference to Raw Shorting files -
Sports market, NBA, NFL and NHL Zack’s report forecast
Calling for revenue of $220.18 million, up 65.75% from the prior-year quarter
Revenues should be a lot more with the new states opening up, there still exist states where its legal to bet on sports but DraftKings has not entered yet, these figures don’t get calculated properly by analyst in this space but as you can see below, the potential is there.
Analyst ratings + price targets All analyst covering this sector are almost entirely missing out on the potential of this stock because they didn’t look into the data available them and try to project ƝƑŢ sales, it’s difficult and depends a lot on demand which we only now know from scraping the data, the demand exist and is ramping up. Despite this, high price targets and buy ratings still come flying in as per below.
We see bull cases all time like the one below:
Overall Analyst ratings

Additional info – Gamma ramping up
Call flow increasing significantly throughout the past few weeks, most likely to do with the start of NFL and NBA. Gamma Squeeze potentially if the share price can reach break a reasonable level despite all the shorting, a lot of out of the money call options are out there to gamma squeeze as well. Market makers are trying hard through dark pools to make sure these calls expire worthless.
digital Currency Catalyst Upcoming
Existing tech to use digital currency to gamble, this was revealed by an employee in to a short seller and included in the below report. The Tech exist and DKNG has its hands on it through the acquisition of SBTech. This should give them first mover advantage when it’s legal in the U.S, if they acquire Entain, they will use it where it’s legal in parts of Europe as well.
This was confirmed by the below short seller, whom is the most unbiased source in this case as their intent was to hurt the stock not help it. Having using this tech was illegal but after DKNG acquired SBTech, no illegal activities were perpetrated making the short report a moot point and since acquiring, DKNG has pass numerous due diligence checks by regulators.
Credit Suisse analyst Benjamin Chaiken defended DraftKings in a note, saying investors should use the stock’s drop as an opportunity ahead of potential gambling legalization in Canada and in New York. The analyst rates the stock ‘outperform’, with a price target at $85.
Entain Deal
From the above reddit post:

There’s been a good amount of posts lately with people seeming to be worried about dilution over a possible Entain acquisition and near term stock price reduction and I wanted to share some perspective on corporate acquisitions, having followed and worked on M&A deals.
First, any major acquisition will take a long time to complete - as in likely close to or longer than a year. Check out something like salesforce buying slack. Sports gambling is a highly regulated industry and there will need to be extensive diligence. There is also antitrust investigations by FTC and DG Comp in the EU, but that likely won’t slow this deal down because it only results in growing markets rather than mainly increasing market share in existing markets.
Second, there will need to be an understanding of how to unwind the MGM and Entain partnership before the deal is even accepted. That partnership also likely requires the solicitation of competing bids that must then be analyzed.
Beyond that, even if additional stock is required to be issued that doesn’t mean the price is going to tank. I think a lot of folks on Reddit are used to meme type squeezes, which often depend on low float. Professionally run companies often issue new shares, which result in a temporary drop of a few percentage points but then bounce back.
Finally the TAM for sports gambling in the US is between $15-$50 billion depending on how promise of you want to be and what stories you are reading. Global market is around 2x. So conservatively we are looking at $50billion global TAM. If DKNG can capture 20% that’s approx. $10 billion in revenue.
If we are conservative with a valuation and go with 5x then this is a $50 billion company post Entain. If you want to treat DKNG as a tech company and go with 10x revenue then you are looking at $100 billion and a stock price of around $160. And that’s without adding new revenue areas and with a somewhat conservative TAM.
A lot still needs to go right to get to that market share long term but my quick back of the napkin math has DKNG at a clear buy long term and an expectation that it gets back to $65-$74 post earnings if overall market remains stable.
In addition to this, with Draftkings established backend tech in block chain and digital currency casinos (attained through acquiring SBtech), a deal with Entain would allow them to use this tech in U.K, as per the link below, its legally permissible at this time to do so. This is just one of the numerous synergies that exist in a deal like this.
Entain's recent venture into the this space:
Current Position-
92 – Jan 21 2022 Calls $95
3 - Jan 2023 Calls $100
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2021.10.21 14:37 SactoGamer How to build a better trade binder - Magic Untapped

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2021.10.21 14:37 kkappel Schröders Roadshow - Fette Ratten

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2021.10.21 14:37 danielleabr Server side

Hi everyone! :) I’m not sure what is server-side Google Tag Manager used for? Could you please explain me?
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2021.10.21 14:37 DanielaAguilar446 Super accommodating to what I wanted and it looked great!

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