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New OC it's small

China says new hypersonic missile a blow to US 'strategic superiority' October 17, 2021 | 2:21pm. China is putting the US on blast following the launch of a hypersonic missile into orbit ... News. Photos: The early years of the Upper Valley Mall. News. Upper Valley Mall in Springfield to close its doors for good in June. News. ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ author and Middletown native J.D ... We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Miranda Lambert releases new single, 'If I Was a Cowboy' Lance Bass and husband Michael Turchin welcome twins; Netflix. How to make Carmine's penne a la vodka with sausage. Oct 16. Go to NBCNews.com for breaking news, videos, and the latest top stories in world news, business, politics, health and pop culture. Live news, investigations, opinion, photos and video by the journalists of The New York Times from more than 150 countries around the world. Subscribe for coverage of U.S. and international news ... Breaking News, Latest News and Current News from FOXNews.com. Breaking news and video. Latest Current News: U.S., World, Entertainment, Health, Business, Technology ... Find breaking US news, local New York news coverage, sports, entertainment news, celebrity gossip, autos, videos and photos at nydailynews.com. New definition is - not old : recently born, built, or created. See more meanings of new. How to use new in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of new. View the latest news and breaking news today for U.S., world, weather, entertainment, politics and health at CNN.com.

2021.10.21 16:06 Sir_Biszkopt New OC it's small

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2021.10.21 16:06 PM_ME_SEXY_MONSTERS Redditors who have had (human) deaths in the family, how do you cope with not being able to tell your dogs that one/some of their favorite humans are gone?

I've had 2 deaths in the family this year plus another relative was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, I feel this weird guilt that I can't tell my furry little girl that "so-and-so is dead and gone forever" and I'm not sure how to cope with it.
Maybe it's part of the grieving process but I wish I could explain to her that so-and-so hasn't just stopped coming over to visit. Absolutely sucks.
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2021.10.21 16:06 TheModsHateDioecy The mods of this subreddit are actively censoring all information about dioecy and gonochorism.

Political activism isn't science.

Dioecy (Greek: διοικία "two households"; adjective form: dioecious) is a characteristic of a species, meaning that it has distinct male and female individual organisms.[1][2] Dioecious reproduction is biparental reproduction. Dioecy is one method that excludes self-fertilization and promotes allogamy (outcrossing), and thus tends to reduce the expression of recessive deleterious mutations present in a population.[3]
In zoology, dioecious species may be opposed to hermaphroditic species, meaning that an individual is either male or female, in which case the synonym gonochory is more often used.[2] Dioecy may also describe colonies within a species, such as the colonies of Siphonophorae (Portuguese man-of-war), which may be either dioecious or monoecious.[5]
Most animal species are dioecious (gonochoric).[6] It is estimated that 95% of animal species are dioecious.[7]
In biology, gonochorism is a sexual system where there are only two sexes and each individual organism is either male or female.[1][2] It usually occurs in animal species, with the vast majority of animals being gonochoric.[2]
Gonochorism is contrasted to simultaneous hermaphroditism (where an individual can produce both gametes). Gonochorism may have some overlap with sequential hermaphroditism, (where a individual can change its sex) where at times it may be hard to tell if a species is either gonochoric or the latter (e.g. Patella ferruginea).[3] However in gonochoric species individuals remain either male or female throughout their lives.[4]
The Hominidae (/hɒˈmɪnɪdiː/), whose members are known as great apes[note 1] or hominids (/ˈhɒmɪnɪdz/), are a taxonomic family of primates that includes eight extant species in four genera: Pongo (the Bornean, Sumatran and Tapanuli orangutan); Gorilla (the eastern and western gorilla); Pan (the common chimpanzee and the bonobo); and Homo, of which only modern humans remain.[1]
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2021.10.21 16:06 addicted2pron2 Confused

Hello. Friend recently asked me if I might be gay. Now let me set the stage to how this question got asked. Might be long but I think it’s important to know how I got here, sorry.
Throughout high school and college I was in multiple straight relationships and considered myself straight but when I discovered porn at a young age I would always be drawn to gay or trans porn. I would want to be on the recovering end in gay porn, want to be the woman or want to be with a trans woman. I didn’t think of men as attractive but I wanted to experience sex with them only for their dick. So I would experiment with older men when I was in my school days and some after, I always treated it as just physical and never connected emotion like in straight relationships. I enjoyed sex with men and enjoyed dick.
Fast forward a few years and I got married to a woman, she knew nothing about my past with men and I put it out of my mind for years until I found myself in a sexless marriage with her for over 10 years. It wasn’t always this way, you hear people say before you get married that sex will go away but. You never think it will happen to you except it did. Somewhere along the way our interest in each other flipped from her being more into me that I was to me being more into her than she was. That isn’t really important at this point. I sought out men to help satisfy the need for sex and physical contact. I met a man with whom I had a purely sexual relationship with for about two years. He was a great lover and helped me learn to embrace being myself with a man but I never looked at him with lust like I do with a woman, I only wanted his dick.
Now to where I am now and how this question go brought up. I recently connected with an old work crush who is Bi and after talking for some time, getting to know more about her and telling her things about myself, I told her that I am bisexual as well. She was very accepting and we continued to talk about my sexual history, hers and us hooking up. If I’m being honest, we built it up a lot. I hadn’t been intimate with anyone for a long time since so I am already dealing with feelings of inadequacy when it comes to being with a woman. I love the female form and am not turned away by them at all but I do get a feeling of “well I could never satisfy them” when I think about wanting to be with them. Sometimes I think “they would be perfect if they had a dick”.
Anyway so this friend and I hook up and I am nervous but my body parts do respond. She is a pleaser but there was a noticeable lack of “spark” or connection that I would typically have when having sex with women. Maybe it was just her? maybe I am not as into women as I thought? But this made her ask me if I might be gay and not know. My immediate response was no, cause I like women and didn’t think of men as attractive except obviously for their dicks. The more I think about that question the more it consumes me. When I think about women I don’t think I can satisfy and when I go to get off I seek out gay or trans porn.
I don’t think a label will tell me anything but I guess on some level I think it may. Am i bi, gay or something else?
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2021.10.21 16:06 williet123 Average redditor loses it all trying to short Trumps new company

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2021.10.21 16:06 Cool_Garfield Obama x flare

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2021.10.21 16:06 Studio10eleven Brodhead man arrested for firing gun while intoxicated, hours after OWI arrest, police say - Madison.com

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2021.10.21 16:06 Zyeine "I am the solution." - [OC] Camille Fanart by me.

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2021.10.21 16:06 idandidc eski emektar avatara donme vakti gelmis

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2021.10.21 16:06 Antisanghiantimullah Vikings beat Columbus to North America, settled in 1021 AD, new study says

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2021.10.21 16:06 hutspotstamppot Same but different

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2021.10.21 16:06 Luki41 Heartbreaking Anime

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2021.10.21 16:06 SpaceSlingshot Evil laughter ensues.

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2021.10.21 16:06 ThreeFiveTrueHouse Where's a good place to study denomination differences?

I'm interested to learn about which denominations are progressive, conservative, and in-between. Most of the people who cover these seem to have a bias toward their own. Is there some place that has good information on denominations that you recommend?
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2021.10.21 16:06 Studio10eleven Suspect armed with AR-15 arrested after high-speed chase in Cheatham, Robertson counties - Tennessean

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2021.10.21 16:06 Wide-Bandicoot7189 $SOFi is one of these stocks that continues to go up.

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2021.10.21 16:06 xxTeetsxx People ask all the time why they can't carry, so here's a VOD Review on why some of you might not

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2021.10.21 16:06 Lycoris1313 Issues finding licensed PEs to fill out my reference questionnaire for MA application.

I have almost 5 years of experience and have worked for 3 companies (primarily doing Systems Eng., Cyber SW Eng., and on-site test and maintenance work). I’ve never actually met anyone with an PE and yet my Massachusetts application for the Exam wants me to have 3 PEs as references. Any advice? Anyone else have similar problems?
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2021.10.21 16:06 SS1953 EDI Partition Shows no files

Help with EFI Partition
To upgrade my OC from 0.6.4 to 0.7.3, I created a USB with version of OC 0.7.3 and can successfully boot with it. When I went to copy the EFI folder to the EFI partition on the startup drive (originally OC 0.6.4), the EFI partition shows no files yet there are only 64 bytes available. I tried showing invisibles just in case some random flag was set. Nothing. I tried copying the new EFI folder from my USB to the EFI partition on my startup drive. The Finder reports not enough disk space. I tried emptying the trash with the EFI mounted just in case somehow the files were moved. No change. Get Info shows 206.5 MB used. The EFI partition is Fat32. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.21 16:06 freezingGopher Questions on Irish Identity

Hey guys, I am currently studying in Limerick and I am looking for some perspectives on Irish culture/identity for a school assignment. If you have a few minutes to answer the following three questions, it would be a great help to me:

  1. What does it mean to be Irish?
  2. Do you feel that everyone in Ireland has equal status and access to power or privilege? Why or why not?
  3. Do they feel you are a part of the dominant culture in Ireland? How or how not?
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2021.10.21 16:06 azurelynx-12 The most cathartic ending credits in history

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2021.10.21 16:06 SkyPeopleArt The Bob Lazar UFO gravity/credibility solution.

Okay. So as many of us know there's quite a bit to be said about Bob Lazar and most of it has been said many times. I don't want to start an argumentative post but I believe this is where we can actually "get ahead" of the science.
Okay. So the VHS film (UFOs, Area 51 and Bob Lazar) was made in 1991. At this time Bob made what is now famous or (infamous) claims about:
-1. Element 115.
-2. Gravitational waves.
Both of which were subsequently proven to be true. Yes I agree that 115 was predicted before Lazar. So that's a toss up. But the fact that gravity was a wave and not carried by some "graviton" particle or by wave was definitely NOT known for certain at the time.
He speaks about both of those during the video I hope you all watch that I linked below. It doesn't get enough play.
Here is where we get ahead of the curve. I surmise that within the next decade or so the LHC Large Hadron Collider will discover that (according to Bob's third and possibly most important claim) there are TWO types of gravity wave. The gravity A and Gravity B wave. This topic starts at about ten minutes into the video linked. This is something that is so "out there" scientifically that it can and will serve as a proof when (my opinion) he will be proven correct. (Again)
Why do I think this? For one, the EM spectrum is my jam. I have been studying it for quite some time. I guess I'm a bit of a fan boy when it comes to electric and magnetic waves so I have learned and spent a lot of time on the science. No science out there specifically disproves what Bob claims about gravity A and B. Also we know there is a strong and weak nuclear force (strong= binds protons and neutrons/ weak = radioactive decay) . Also any scientist will tell you we DO NOT know what gravity is. (We know it's a wave now circa. 2018) But we don't know how it's produced or what particle if any it's tied to or why it's attractive and cumulative. These are exactly the questions that the LHC was.made to discover.
In summary.
I believe that Bob may be proven right again within the next decade. This time science will prove that there are TWO FORMS of gravity. Basically a weak and strong gravity force. Just remember Bob said it first.
UFOs Area 51 and Bob Lazar:
New Physics; Cambridge
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2021.10.21 16:06 GiantDadInDS2 Ds2 Theory ahead! And i need some input

I won't be explaining the whole theory, but some parts of it since there are alot of details. The general theory revolves around Dark Souls 2, taking place after Dark Souls 3's base game, but before Dark Souls 3 Ringed City Dlc.
The reason i believe this too be true, makes a bit of sense if you think about it, i want to make a discussion here and need some input.
Some of the main reasons why this makes sense, is that the game takes place in a different "World", than the lordran and lothric we all know and love. Drangleic could be in the same place as Lordan and Lothric but much later, DS2's crown ending is some what confirmed to be the canon ending of the game which not inherits the flame or becoming a dark lord which means we dont know if the age of dark or the age of fire happened in DS2. That means that not soon after the events of the Ringed City which destroyes the entire dark souls universe and ends the whole saga. The reason this whole theory makes sense is that the world is ending, after the ashen one unites the 5 lords of cinder, the general consense is that we travel forward in time after that happen, which means alot in the world of dark souls could've happened, which makes it so that Dark Souls 2 could've fit in that time span.
I would like to explain all of this more indepth but it is very hard to do it in a random reddit post, but i will eventually make the full theory.
Some things that doesn't make sense about this theory however, is that Mirrah is confirmed to exist in DS3 and that means thats the only area that survived after the events of Dark Souls 3, which is highly unlikely in the case of DS2 being far into the future.
I would want some input from the people of this reddit, and i will answer the questions the best as i possibly can :)
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2021.10.21 16:06 blackcat686 Can someone recommend romance anime with this couple dynamic?

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2021.10.21 16:06 SilverStonksOfficial 📣We are excited to announce that all #Stonkers are be able to swap any BEP20 token for #SSTX You can do it throuhg the link and soon in our website. https://t.co/NqHG1ZsJKU Thank to our partners @sya_flooz @lcheloufi #silverstonks #silverjungle #bitcoin #altcoin

📣We are excited to announce that all #Stonkers are be able to swap any BEP20 token for #SSTX You can do it throuhg the link and soon in our website. https://t.co/NqHG1ZsJKU Thank to our partners @sya_flooz @lcheloufi #silverstonks #silverjungle #bitcoin #altcoin submitted by SilverStonksOfficial to SilverStonks [link] [comments]