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Drain the Swamp!

2021.10.21 15:42 Zumichan77 Drain the Swamp!

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2021.10.21 15:42 FlexP0d Does this belong here?

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2021.10.21 15:42 geovasilop Is anyone else getting spammed by these boys?

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2021.10.21 15:42 QSoC1801 Have no plans for the weekend, so treated myself to some minor trigger foods as I could handle the cramps/bloat.

Not three hours later, my partner invites me to a work event tomorrow night, at which I would need to dress at least semi-formal and be highly sociable....
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2021.10.21 15:42 imashelha1234 i have curly and messy hair

does it make me hot?
if so, yay
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2021.10.21 15:42 Far-Zebra20 🚀Gigarocket Finance🚀 Fair Launch on Avalanche Network in October 23th 3PM UTC - Revolutionary token with auto rewards - Deflationary, Hold & Win, NFT Collection, Game and much more - All the information and Roadmap available on the website:

🚀Gigarocket Finance🚀 Fair Launch on Avalanche Network in October 23th 3PM UTC - Revolutionary token with auto rewards - Deflationary, Hold & Win, NFT Collection, Game and much more - All the information and Roadmap available on the website: submitted by Far-Zebra20 to CryptoNewsandTalk [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 15:42 BoOo0oo0o My little Halloween boy 💕

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2021.10.21 15:42 Sw_domination THE UKRAINIAN CALISTHENICS BEAST - Vitalii melnik:

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2021.10.21 15:42 SourCreamAndGarlic Helmets will be mandatory for all offroad vehicles in N.L. under proposed new rules

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2021.10.21 15:42 ILoveFemCake Procuro Twink/Subs para sexting e blowjob ou até mais! LISBOA

Bicurioso com pouca experiência. Podem mandar Dm
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2021.10.21 15:42 Rhancock19 Perry Roehm Stadium under construction, 1949

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2021.10.21 15:42 CryptoIsEz Just hold !

Don’t care about the Twitter account, just hold the coin. If you sell right now it’s like you dig a tunnel and stop it just 3m in front of the jewels. This new tech is incredible, stop locking at the Twitter and just hold.
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2021.10.21 15:42 JimHarbor MTG Casual Play Design Team Announced
Comment Below:
This makes me optimistic. My number one issue with EDH was that the rules committee seemed far to hesitant to playtest changes to the rule set even when it could lead to better gameplay.
This in turn resulted in WOTC designing cards around rules that should have been changed. For example, the weird death trigger exile nonsense seen on Gerrard that was going to be all over Commander Legends until the CAG finally got the RC to change the commander death rule.
I imagine a world where this team can work with the RC to make changes to commander in the same way the mulligan rules, legend rule, mana burn, walker redirection, damage on the stack and other design flaws in the MTG have been tuned.
No creation is perfect and the "it's all fine just rule zero it" philosophy of the RC I argue is a net negative.
For example, instead of wotc making changes to the color pie so that every color is ramping in drawing, a play design team could assess what about EDH constrains deck types and test out solutions. Or instead of the RC putting their foot down on something like hybrid mana or the like we could get observable data on different systems and see which led to more fun.
As an Engineer and writer, I know the value of iteration and the EDH ruleset is in sore need of it.
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2021.10.21 15:42 That1CarKid Question about the new Phantom Car event

Does anyone know how to trigger the “Christine” phantom car? I’ve tried to walk around in the city and sandy shores at night but nothing has appeared.
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2021.10.21 15:42 Disastrous-Table-898 Tezotopia auction sellout!
10 Tezotops were listed on all 10 of them sold out, but not without a bid war..
All 10 blocks generated a total of 5627 xtz in sales ($37836)
The last tezotops minted by will go on sale within the next few days in the form of raffles at
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2021.10.21 15:42 MedbLily Fate Medb Night (@Raionmimi)

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2021.10.21 15:42 nausium Got new pieces in last week, they were listed as shot glasses but are bigger than I expected. I really love the way they reflect/scatter the UV light

Got new pieces in last week, they were listed as shot glasses but are bigger than I expected. I really love the way they reflect/scatter the UV light submitted by nausium to uraniumglass [link] [comments]

2021.10.21 15:42 asadfaizi 21 Resources and Tutorials to Learn Kubernetes

21 Resources and Tutorials to Learn Kubernetes
In this blog post, we are compiling a list of 21 resources and tutorials, we think they are helpful to start your Kubernetes learning journey.
Let’s start with the first one.
The Official Tutorials If you are new to the Kubernetes system and are looking to get started with it, the official documentation is a great way to go. These tutorials help you understand the system, configure it, and deploy stateless and stateful applications. They also talk about setting up, running, and scaling a CI/CD pipeline.
Heptio Medium Blog Heptio is a growing Kubernetes startup that has done pretty well for itself in this domain. Their blogs on Medium discuss in an easy yet informative manner about several trending Kubernetes topics. These include Heptio Contour and Heptio Gimbal on Stage at KubeCon NA, Kubernetes Cluster API, and securing the Kubernetes Dashboard. They also share tips on doing well in the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKE) exam.
Digital Ocean Most of the tutorials provided by DigitalOcean are in written form and speak about how you can learn to use the system on top of the DigitalOcean architecture. There’sThere’s still a lot of learning to be done from them. It provides an introduction to Helm, helps you optimize Kubernetes containers, and back up and restore the Kubernetes cluster.
Free Code Camp If you are looking to get a crash course on Kubernetes, the tutorials by Free Code Camp can help you with that in under three hours. They provide detailed explanations and hands-on applications about how to orchestrate the containers in Kubernetes and deploy a microservice in the cluster.
Google Kubernetes Engine Tutorials What better way to learn about Kubernetes than Google itself? Google provides detailed and comprehensive documentation on how to deploy applications, configure cluster networking, conduct GKE administration, deploy workloads to clusters, and access GCP services. These tutorials also explain how to configure cluster security and manage clusters with Config Sync.
Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service Tutorials Microsoft Azure provides simple and straightforward tutorials on how to use the AKS system. This mostly focuses on how to prepare applications for AKS, create container registry, run, scale, and update the application, and create and upgrade a Kubernetes cluster. These comprehensive tutorials are most suited for people looking to focus only on AKS rather than the basics of the Kubernetes system.
CNCF [Cloud Native Computing Foundation] The YouTube channel of Cloud Native Computing Foundation offers detailed conference talks on numerous advanced topics related to the Kubernetes system. They are easy to follow, conversational, and help you really grasp at the advanced topics without being too complicated. Anatomy of a Production Kubernetes Outage is one of the best tutorials included in this compilation.
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Tutorials If you are looking to learn the Elastic Kubernetes Services or EKS, going through the Amazon resources is a smart option. The most important parts of this tutorial are the Amazon EKS Microservices Workshop and continuous delivery with Amazon EKS and Jenkins X. It also covers provisioning AWS Services through Kubernetes using the AWS Service Broker and deploying OpenFaaS on Amazon EKS.
IBM Kubernetes Tutorials These tutorials are mostly focussed on how IBM has utilized the Kubernetes system. While these topics focus mostly on IBM’sIBM’s way of working with Kubernetes, they are still great resources to get familiarized with the system. Important tutorials include setting up a proper cluster strategy, managing cluster network traffic, deploying serverless apps, and use case-specific applications in healthcare, retail, transport, and more.
Kubernetes As a Service: GKE vs. AKS vs. EKS The three most popular formats of Kubernetes are provided by Google (GKE), Amazon (EKS), and Microsoft Azure (AKS). You must familiarize yourself with each three of these at a basic level and decide which one you’d like to go ahead. The comparison tutorials, Kubernetes as a Service: GKE vs. AKS vs. EKS, provided by Evan Klein, are a great way to go.
Kubernetes on CentOS 7 with Firewalld An advanced tutorial provided by Platformer Cloud, this blog helps you learn how you can manage Kubernetes yourself without making use of a cloud-provided service. They help you do so by setting up the clusters from scratch on CentOS. The task is tough and difficult to get used to but these tutorials make the subject matter superbly simple yet fun.
OPA Gatekeeper: Policy and Governance for Kubernetes Other than setting up, deploying, growing, and scaling your Kubernetes clusters, you also need to learn how to secure your network to protect it from any unforeseen damages. This is where the OPA Gatekeeper: Policy and Governance for Kubernetes provided in the official documentation for Kubernetes comes into the picture.
Kubernetes and Security If you are looking to assess every factor you need to take into consideration for the security of your Kubernetes system, this Medium blog can be of great help to you. It helps you create a checklist of every factor you need to deal with to ensure that your Kubernetes security doesn’t falter in any way.
Advanced Kubernetes Objects You Need to Know These tutorials by OpsGenie focus on some of the most advanced yet lesser-known objects and controllers to be used in the Kubernetes system. Learning to utilize these advanced objects (such as ResourceQuota, PodSecurityPolicy, PriorityClass) and controllers can help you improve your system workload and boost the overall day-to-day operations.
How to build a CI/CD pipeline using Kubernetes, Gitlab CI, and Helm This tutorial by Artemstar is simple, comprehensive, well-structured, and immensely informative. If you are looking to learn about how to build a CI/CD pipeline by using Kubernetes, Gitlab CI, and Helm, this concise guide is a good choice. The code snippets and snapshots of the system work great to help you get caught up with the concept quicker.
Running a Python application on Kubernetes This detailed and well-structured tutorial by Open Source focuses on helping you run a Python application on your Kubernetes system. The most important parts of this tutorial include creating Python container images and publishing them to an image registry, working with a persistent volume, and eventually deploying the Python application.
Deploying Django-Rest application in Kubernetes with production-grade server apache If you are looking to learn how to deploy Django-Rest applications in Kubernetes then this simple tutorial by Ayashmantha Perera is a must for you to go through. The process has been chalked out well and properly segmented into steps. The snapshots on every milestone also help you stay up-to-date with the tutorial.
Kubernetes Workshop This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to deploy an application (A Python API here) to Kubernetes, and how to expose its services using an API Gateway (Ambassador here). Since it’s hosted on Github, it’s open to contributions. In this workshop, you’ll see how to deploy Kubernetes services and an Ambassador API gateway, examine the difference between Kubernetes proxies and service mesh like Istion, access the Kubernetes API from the outside and from a Pod, understand what API to choose, see how Service Accounts and RBAC works and discover some security pitfalls when building Docker images.
Logging & Monitoring of Kubernetes applications: Requirements & Recommended Toolset This tutorial by Platform9 helps you with the logging and monitoring of your Kubernetes applications. The tutorial is essentially a three-part series covering requirements and recommended toolset in the first section. “EFK Stack – Part 1: Fluentd Architecture and Configuration” is covered in the second section and “EFK Stack – Part 2: Elasticsearch Configuration” in the third section.
Simple Kubernetes cluster metrics monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana This blog by Tim Park eases you in on how to install and configure Prometheus and Grafana. Since it can be pretty tricky, this resource is a good one to follow when trying to do so yourself. The resource then explains which simple Kubernetes cluster metrics you must follow to carry out the monitoring process.
Kubernetes tutorials on Cloudplex blog Each week we publish new tutorials and blog posts, 100% of them are about Kubernetes. These blog posts are helpful for all levels of Kubernetes users: from beginners to advanced tutorials, Cloudplex blog is an excellent resource to learn Kubernetes. Read for instance:
How to use Prometheus and Grafana to Monitor Kubernetes
How to write YAML files for Kubernetes
The Node.js Developer’s Guide To Kubernetes
The Hidden Costs of Kubernetes
And our other Kubernetes tutorials.

Asad Faizi
Founder CEO, Inc
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2021.10.21 15:42 SublimeGay It should be socially acceptable for bulges to show

Anytime I’m in public and my bulge is showing I feel the need to hide it or get embarrassed… but if boobs are big enough they have a bump, if a butts big enough it has a bump. So why are bulges so socially unacceptable?
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2021.10.21 15:42 Large-Wheel-4181 How do you feel about the current DC media (Movies, Shows, and Video Games)

Given all the content coming out I'm curious to hear your thoughts on all the different things
View Poll
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2021.10.21 15:42 capthazelwoodsflask "I'm in love with a ghost": woman claims to be in a relationship with a ghost

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2021.10.21 15:42 vincevega83 Need help with buying a used Mk V 35 head

Hey guys,
So I'm looking into buying my first valve amp ever, and I'm visiting a Mk V 35 head seller in the next few days. He seems reputable and the price is good.
However, since I've never owned a valve amp, let alone a Mesa Boogie, I'd like some tips on what to check out. The seller claims the amp has been used only in house in the past 2 years.
1) What should I look at, to make sure I'm buying something legit (as in: not a counterfeit, no missing/replaced parts, etc)?
2) What are some possible signs of an overly used amp or an amp that's about to break down, other than the obvious (physical condition, sound, etc)?
3) Anything else you guys might have experienced in your previous used valve amp head purchasing experiences?
4) Bonus question: Since all I have at the moment is a combo, I'll also have to get a cab - I know that's as much of a subjective question as the amp itself, but is there a particular speaker config or brand that goes well with the Mk V 35? I'm only looking to use it at home, no gigging or carrying it anywhere, and I play mostly proggy lead stuff.
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.21 15:42 Kind_Plate4957 Image of Isaac transcending this mortal plane - (St. Petersburg 10/16/21)

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2021.10.21 15:42 reddit_feed_bot TheEpochTimes: Sen. Joe Manchin Pushes Back Against Rumors He Has Threatened to Leave Democrats

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2021.10.21 15:42 marioxkll Mejorar CV

Cómo andan raza?! Alguien de aquí sabe o hace CV de esos chiditos? Si es así, manden el contacto por favor, quiero actualizar el diseño del mío.
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