Probably all you will ever want to know about IF, fasting etc

As Brad Pilon points out in his book about twice weekly, 24-hour intermittent fasting, Eat Stop Eat (transparency: we get a few dimes if you buy through that link), previous generations used to have dinner (or “supper” if you want to be old school) much earlier, stop eating by 6 or sooner, and naturally fast for 14-16 hours (the timeline ... he is a creator in creating to what he feels is the most perfect world possible. if you want all to be perfect and to live in the story of eden you will no longer be human but a puppet of god. god gave us a choice. heaven. the messiah are parables of hope. i study the old testament know, the new to me got to much super stition, jesus in my ... If you are doing longer than 10-day fasts, remember the ratio of 1 recovery day for every 2-3 fasting days. So, if you do a 20 day fast, you want a 7-10 day food reintroduction and you would stay at the refeed phases for 3-4 days each. Tyler Tolman takes you through the 3 things you MUST know before doing an enema at home: Why you need them, how to use them and how to do them safely. ... if you ever get to the point where it’s starting to hurt a little bit or you’re not inserting it correctly, listen to your body. ... I’m fasting and want to support my body’s ... Fasting for a few days probably won't hurt most people who are healthy, provided they don't get dehydrated. But fasting for long periods of time is bad for you. What You Need To Know About Intermittent Fasting. ... and some people’s bodies might not ever be happy eating ... “You can eat what you want on IF, but you should still be fueling it with good ... 7. If You Feel Unwell, Stop Fasting. Again, you should always prioritize your health. Fasting is not something you have to be stubborn about. If you feel like you are not ready or that fasting for 3 days is not your cup of tea, don’t push yourself. There are plenty of other methods of weight loss and health improvement. If you have ever gone wine tasting, you know that there is a certain air about wine culture. There is a lot to learn about the process, the grapes, the regions, and more. There really is a science behind making amazing wine. Next time you find yourself having a conversation with a sommelier, drop enology into a sentence. In other words, fasting isn’t some new fad or a crazy marketing ploy. It’s been around for a long time and it actually works. You’ve probably already fasted many times, even though you don’t know it. Have you ever slept in late on the weekends and then had a late brunch? Some people do this every weekend. I have three other podcasts--Nutritional Pearls Podcast, Keto Talk, and The KetoHacking MD Podcast--you might want to check out as well! I'm the international bestselling author of Keto Clarity, The Ketogenic Cookbook, The Complete Guide To Fasting, Cholesterol Clarity, The Keto Cure, and Real Food Keto.

2021.10.21 14:31 ketocyclist2019 Probably all you will ever want to know about IF, fasting etc

This guy is a scientist who can break info down to barney level.
A great speaker and factual info, highly recommended!!
Huberman is the bomb!!
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2021.10.21 14:31 SeosiReddit ______ and _______ really improved their games! (Spoilers)

I'm talking about Naseer and Tiffany. With Naseer, he started his game with left foot, he tried to target Danny and Deshawn which led to Sydney throwing his name under the bus couple of times. But, his performances at the challenges were master class, and now he has an idol that I don't think Luvu knows about.
Tiffany also started the game with a left foot, due to her early poor performances at challenges, which made her a target couple of times. Some even said that she's paranoid. But, she was great in the last challenges she participated in. And tonight, not only she caught Xandar with a lie, she also tightened her alliance with Liana.
If any of them won't be in a future all star season, I'll be angry lol.
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2021.10.21 14:31 tw04ce H: BE25 Gauss rifle W: Offers

Particularly interested in a QE15r railway if possible
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2021.10.21 14:31 Weekly_Influence_159 Soaring to Sleep with White Noise ✈️ Airplane Sounds 1 Hours

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2021.10.21 14:31 9YearOldMemer my Omni man drawing

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2021.10.21 14:31 iamLeseg Looking for new music for my playlists! (+2.5K followers)

Hi there! I’m looking for emerging artists, so you can share your talent and showcase your music on my playlists.
→ Submit Here!
→ Listen to the playlists here!
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2021.10.21 14:31 Seriouslyinthedesert I suppose I should take this as a compliment...

this happens to me often. People openly hostile, me mystified. One guy openly asked, Are you a cop, or maybe an investigator? Ok, Im not, but you asking me, IS odd. I only thought that.
Went to a local store yesterday, and she lied about a few things. No invite to look around, nothing. I asked, do you take plastic? Nope, nope, she said. Still palpably hostile. No conversation. So I check her out online, and shes moved a few times. Has a successful business, but never any customers parked out front. Iiiiii think I will leave that alone.
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2021.10.21 14:31 GoyathlayA How physically strong/fast would composite Kengan be (accepting the impossibility of stacking every buff)?

What physical outliers do we have?
Haru original body Superman Syndrome Julius steroid protocol Kure genetics Mizakuchi speed training Divine Demon Guihun Simp boost
Let's start off with Haru body and Kure genetics. Haru could run down a cliff with 480 kg (1058 lbs) of goat on his back. It also looked pretty easy. Let's just say he is around half as strong as Julius and Waka in this form, for simplicity. Kure genetics is an unknown boost to power. Raian was physically more powerful than Mokichi because of his Kure genetics, despite being lighter. Let's say that it offers a 25% boost.
So we have Haru with Kure genetics he is 62.5% as strong as Waka/Julius. In speed, let's do some more assumptions. Non-simp boost Rei is probably not as fast as Removal Raian or Max PS Ohma based on how easily Raian caught Rei's punch. Haru looked extremely fast, and on top of that he has Kure genetics buff. This is completely arbitrary, but let's say that he has 80% of base Rei's speed.
Now let's add Superman Syndrome. So I've done some scaling on how "normal" fighters compare in power to Waka/Julius, and If we consider Julius/Waka an 1000, Base Ohma is around a 160. Waka is 2 cm shorter than Okubo and looks less muscular than him, so let's say Waka would weigh 108kg without Superman Syndrome. His power would be around a 205, so Superman Syndrome is around a 5x multipler. In terms of speed, we know Waka is faster than a normal fighter, but he's not abnormally fast, so let's say it's a 1.5x speed multipler.
So Haru with Kure genetics and Superman Syndrome is 3.125x as strong as Julius and 1.2x base Rei speed.
Now let's add on Julius steroid protocol. Haru isn't the most muscular character and he could add way more muscle to his frame on Julius steroids. If we scale Haru height to Julius and his weight, Julius would be around 97kg, since Haru and Terashi have similar body types. So Julius was able to do a 2.2x weight mulitplier to his "original" body type, if he started like Haru.
So Haru with Kure genetics and Superman Syndrome and Julius steroids is 6.875x stronger than Julius and 1.2x base Rei speed.
Mizakuchi Speed training is an interesting one. Rei is faster than Base Raian by a lot, but his Lightning Flash is far inferior to his father's. Let's use Rei's multipliers instead of his father. Based on scaling to Removal Raian, let's say it makes you 2.5x faster.
So now we have 6.875x strength of Julius and 3.125x speed of Rei.
Divine Demon is a 5.24x multipler to base according to my calcs, and Removal is a 3.33 x multiplier. So now we have 120x strength of Julius and 54.6x speed of Base Rei. Simp Boost adds around a 2x mulitplier, so let's simplify that to be a 27.3x faster than simp boost Rei, but we're giving him a simp boost, so let's recorrect that to 54.6x.
TLDR: So composite Kengan, a Haru with Kure genetics, Superman Syndrome, Julius steroid protocol, 100% Guihun, Divine Demon, Mizakuchi Speed training, and simp boost, is 120 times stronger than Julius and 54.6x as fast as Rei.
Julius curled 1235 lbs with ease, and if we do a calc that a very strong guy should be able to bench 6x the amount he can one arm curl, Julius should be able to bench 7,410 with ease. Meaning our composite character can bench 889,200 lbs with ease.
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2021.10.21 14:31 Unwantedadvices Dags att hoppa av skolan, byta namn och flytta utomlands

Har en ny vängrupp på universitet som jag inte känt så länge så vi satt och pluggade några timmar och sen började det bli dags att röra sig hemåt, så jag ställer mig vid busshållplatsen och väntar tillsammans med en av dem och sen kommer hennes buss så jag förbereder mig för att säga hejdå. Jag lyfter ena armen och handen, fullständigt förbered att ge en kort kram, men hon fortsätter prata så jag står det i säkert 10 sekunder med ena handen vid ansiktet tills hon tillslut också säger hejdå, men istället för att ge mig en kort kram så ger hon mig en high five och sen så stiger hon på bussen
Så någon som har tips på bra länder att flytta till och hur man enklast byter namn?
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2021.10.21 14:31 Oceansunshine789 Give me a million dollars. I will ensure that you get a hefty ROI.

This really is off my chest. Boiling inside for years, decades even. Give me a chance universe!
I've been butting my head against a proverbial wall. I am more than capable of making a lot of money in a business. I know how to start one, as an attorney I've set up plenty in the realm of capital formation and business plans for others. I know how to create a go to market plan. I know how to analyze a market and figure out exactly how many consumers are needed in order to realize a healthy GPM.
I am a fantastic coach. The greatest joy in my life is when I see the people I love become their best selves. I operate under the premise that there are only solutions, not problems. Because there is always a way. I am extremely creative, extremely energetic and when I am passionate and motivated I achieve anything I set my mind to achieve.
I have been extremely successful in making other people money so far in my career.
What I have not encountered is that lucky chance. That moment in a life when everything comes together and resonates in perfect harmony. The ability to be exactly who I know I am deep down inside. To step into that persona that I have always visualized for myself, like putting on a new suit of clothes.
I am confident in myself. No one and nothing can phase me. We are all human beings on this earth, and I have stood as a young female in front of a lot of very intimidating people in positions of great power and have more than held my own. To get here I have had to overcome and realize a lot of things. I had to take ownership and accountability for my own shortcomings, and do everything possible to bolster my weaknesses. I came from a poor family. I started working at 11 with a paper route. I held three jobs simultaneously in college. I worked all three years of law school so I could afford food and rent. Sometimes I focused on the wrong things. Sometimes I took the easy way out.
Currently I am the proud owner of a house that requires me to continue working in order to pay a mortgage. I have an awesome ass baby, who comes with awesome ass bills. I can no longer step onto that risky path without also risking the safety and security of someone who is wholly dependent on me.
You can generate wealth in two ways - innovation and investment. When you are on the grind of lining someone else's pockets you do not have time to innovate. Constantly I think about my passion (health and wellness in all aspects - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). I am a licensed yoga instructor, I run, I bike, I lift weights. I meditate, and I eat healthy. I think happy, positive thoughts and truly look for the best in people and situations. There is always somewhere positive for your brain to rest. We are exactly where we are in our lives because something in us wants us to be there. Ironic isn't it, that I know this like I know the back of my hand, yet screaming into the void that I am ready.
Here I am. Arms outstretched and head held high. I am me and proud to be me, and I WILL succeed and get the financial freedom that I want out of this life. I will be revolutionary. I feel it, the surety pumping through my veins. Lighting up my brain.
Give me a million dollars universe, and I will turn it into something this world needs. Something like no one has ever seen.
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2021.10.21 14:31 ShortAlgo $INGN Waiting for Buy signal on INGN with

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2021.10.21 14:31 Tom_Teller_Writes [PubQ] Does publishing a short story on my personal website/blog count as "previously published" to literary magazines?

Hi all,
I have a personal blog/website that I would like to fill up with some content while I send that content to magazines and podcasts for publication. Is it okay to do this? Will this count as "previously published?" Ideally, I would just like a place where people who are interested in my work could go and find more of it. However, my main goal is to publish all of these pieces in magazines eventually.
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2021.10.21 14:31 King_Of_Fat_Beavers Wate

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2021.10.21 14:31 pal-abra Which automobile school do you recommend ?

I live in Strassen and work in the city but I’m open to go elsewhere to a good school with nice teachers and a good quality/price ratio.
Thanks for your advice!
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2021.10.21 14:31 ShortAlgo $TAC Waiting for Short signal on TAC with

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2021.10.21 14:31 xJacky22 Should I wait for the company to reach out to me or should I reach out to them?

So question, I did my 2nd interview with a company last week on Tuesday and they said they will reach out to me this week based on their final decision. I have not received any news yet so should I reach out to them and ask whats going on or should I wait for them to say something? If I wait for them to email me back, should I wait about two weeks?
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2021.10.21 14:31 TheAmericanGinger My wife was not a huge fan but I talked her into letting me keep this lil girl in our carport :)

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2021.10.21 14:31 Otakumarcello19 Pristine Bear Pelt (where to get?)

Has anyone ever dropped/skinned a Pristine Bear Pelt?
If so, can you let me know where/how?
I have killed HUNDREDS of bears (just today) and can't get a single one.
I have gotten hundreds of Smolderhides and Scarhides (Both are legendary...), but can't get a SINGLE Pristine Bear Pelt (Epic).
I'm on full skinning set, have 3 skinning trophies and I'm eating skinning food (tier 5).
I have tried bears of different regions/levels, and still nothing.
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2021.10.21 14:31 reddit_feed_bot Joey Saladino Show - The Squad SPENT $100k on Private Security

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2021.10.21 14:31 LateKnighterFighter I'm Back On Tour | On The Road With Hasan Minhaj

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2021.10.21 14:31 FeeMajestic Montecristo no 4, 2020 box date

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2021.10.21 14:31 Outrageous_Net_6985 Buick regal? Oldsmobile cutlass?

I've been eyeing '85 to '87 Oldsmobile cutlass and Buick regals. Also the Buick grand national.
Which would be less work to own? I'm after the aesthetic alone, does anyone have experience with any of these cars and could shed some light?
The grand national is off the table since I'm looking to spend less than 10k for now. Might spend more on upholstery and paint down the line.
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2021.10.21 14:31 PresidentWeasel Teachers know better than parents.

What it says on the tin, with the occasional caveat. I’m of course not talking about the teachers who use their position to abuse students or meangirl their classrooms, I’m talking about the majority of teachers who are low paid, high stress, highly educated professionals.
Why do parents think that they know better than a teacher about their kid? You don’t need a degree or training to become a parent, you need to pay a lot of money to become a teacher.
Im not talking about people being good or bad parents based on how you listen to teachers, I’m just of the opinion that teachers generally know more about kids than parents, from reflection on my time as a student.
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2021.10.21 14:31 JustJeff55 Cura Slices Flat Surfaces Weirdly Which Creates Problems

Cura Slices Flat Surfaces Weirdly Which Creates Problems When I've been slices flat surfaces with Cura, I get this problem where the nozzle will finish the layer, but it leaves a couple lines that it has to go back to fill in. I understand it's working around the geometry in the print, but when it goes back it typically makes the print look worse.
I just finished this print and instead of the top looking nice and smooth, it has all sorts of weird travel paths baked in.
Any idea what I can do? I've tried enabling/disabling certain parameters such as
- Optimize wall print order
- All combing modes
- Avoid printing parts when traveling
- Infill travel optimization
Nothing has helped so far.
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2021.10.21 14:31 Routine-Meringue2611 I can’t focus on my business during no fap

I can’t focus on work or anything, I wake up with morning wood and immediately think about masturbating.
What advice do y’all have for people like me?
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